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The Spiritual Connection

The following articles written by Kim were published in Sibyl Magazine (Jan – Dec. 2010).
We share these in hopes that they help you, or someone you know, to navigate through the awakening process.

Faith, the Magic Ingredient

Many of my clients express a wistful longing to be able to communicate with their angels and other spiritual guides. When I tell them they can, they look at me with scepticism and say, “Yes, but not like you”. I understand their doubt and frustration for I was once in their shoes.

Before becoming an intuitive healer, I was a spiritual seeker with a powerful thirst for a connection with the Divine. My longing was only whetted by new age books, and regular visits to tarot readers, mediums, and other psychics. Every intuitive I visited, like each author of the books I read voraciously, told me I was psychic; and yet, I found this concept so hard to accept. I compared my abilities to theirs, and found mine dishearteningly deficient. I thought for sure they had special gifts with which I had not been blessed. I wanted nothing more than to be psychic too, but I was convinced that some magical element was missing. As it turned out, I was right. The missing piece of the puzzle wasn’t some special talent for reading minds, or seeing into the future; it was, instead, a matter of faith. In other words, I lacked the courage to believe in something that had yet to be proven. My left brain, the center of logic and home to my nemesis, the ego, was certain that psychic gifts were fictitious. It searched for tangible proof and found none within the narrow parameters of this Earthly realm. Oh sure, there were plenty ‘coincidences’ and serendipitous encounters. There was also the matter of that voice in my head which counselled me when I needed guidance, soothed me when I was sad, and answered my questions when I was lost. Yes, but where was the proof?

My Earthly brain felt so threatened by my spiritual mind that it created a smokescreen of doubt which effectively obscured my spiritual connection. It wasn’t until I fervently pleaded with God for the ability to help heal the woes of this world that the smokescreen lifted. Suddenly, I was seeing and conversing with angels. My faith in God’s power was far greater than my logical / egoic mind’s cynicism. That faith opened the doorway to my intuition and let in the light of higher knowledge. My psychic gifts began to blossom, and with each person whom I was able to help via clairaudience and clairvoyance, my newly discovered gifts grew stronger. My logical brain’s resistance dimmed with every successful reading until it was no more. My human brain finally had the proof it needed.

I encourage all of you who long for the ability to communicate with angels to have faith in your loving guides. You may not be able to hear or see them with your physical senses, but given enough time, practice and faith, you will. Start by asking your angels to speak louder than your ego. Next, take heed of your inner voice. If it offers you loving, sage guidance, have faith that you are ‘hearing’ your spiritual helpers, and take action accordingly. Psychic communication is like any skill. It takes time to master, and your confidence increases with every success. Suspend your doubt long enough to accrue the necessary experience and subsequent proof your logical mind requires, and before long, you will be conversing with, and seeing, angels too!

The Journey

Learning to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth is a daunting challenge for many of us, and can take a lifetime to achieve. Even then, many souls return Home to the Other Side only to find they missed the mark. Life is riddled with challenges, heartaches and distractions, and so it is easy to stray from our goals. Instead of cursing the detours on the road of life, I find it helpful to reframe my perspective so that I view these hurdles as opportunities for growth.

To make sense of the journey, begin by looking at Earth as a classroom for the soul. Every challenge you face here on Earth is a lesson. Like an oyster, use these irritants to develop the beautiful gem that is your spirit. Next, look at the path your soul has traveled thus far and identify the patterns emerging in your life. What lessons have you learned? Are there any lessons that your soul is struggling to master? Repetitive problems indicate a new approach is needed. If you have lost your way, or are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scope of your life’s curriculum, ask your angelic mentors for guidance. These wise, loving beings of light have been by your side every step of the journey, and they genuinely want you to succeed.

The next step is to examine your relationships. The people whom you love dearly are members of your soul group on the Other Side. These souls incarnated with you because each of you have similar lessons to learn, and are therefore part of each other’s support team on Earth. Now, think of the people who have angered or betrayed you. These folks are here to teach you life lessons. Looking at these challenging relationships through new, loving eyes really helps take the sting out of their words and actions.

It is important to also examine your role as teacher. Not only are you here to learn lessons, but you are also here to challenge others to learn. How have you affected the people in your life? Have you helped them to expand their level of awareness, or have you unintentionally impeded their soul’s growth? It is never too late to make amends, even if someone has crossed over to the spirit realm. Start by forgiving yourself. This spiritual act removes the pain and ego issues which impede your soul’s growth.

This life review is equivalent to studying a road map. It gives your life direction and takes away the anxiety and fear associated with feeling lost. You can now safely proceed on the journey of life confident in the knowledge that you are completely supported and loved by your angels.

The Awakening

This is an interesting time to be on Earth. We are experiencing a planetary-wide awakening of unprecedented proportions. Our energy is being tuned up to a higher frequency so that we can better tap into the wisdom of Spirit. This global shift in our collective consciousness is helping to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth. For some, it feels as though the world has gone mad; for others, this is a spiritual celebration. Regardless of your perception, this change is positive, albeit challenging. As we approached December 21, 2012, an important key in the ascension of our planet, the shift accelerated, and the symptoms of awakening intensified. 

The energy of awakening is like water. It can vigorously cascade down upon your consciousness like a magnificent waterfall, or can intermittently shower your life with a series of “A-ha!” moments. No matter how quickly the energy of heightened awareness enters your life, the symptoms of awakening can be disconcerting. Physical symptoms seesaw between extremes, such as waves of lethargy and mania; dramatic weight gain or loss; hot flashes and chills, and fatigue and insomnia. These are accompanied by heart palpitations; dizziness; joint aches; ocular phenomena; a buzzing in the ears; a plethora of skin conditions, and a mental fog. Emotionally, you will feel like you’re on a wild roller coaster ride, with your reactions swinging from fear and anxiety to anger and impatience, and then from sadness to euphoria.

A desire to lead your life with integrity will prompt you to change everything that no longer serves your highest purpose; consequently, many people will seek new employment opportunities; leave their partners, or move far away. Buried trauma will resurface in your body, and you will feel the need to heal, atone, forgive and restore balance.

On the positive side, as you increase your connection with Spirit, you will find more joy and beauty in your life, and there will be a dramatic increase in your creativity. Your five senses will be heightened and you will discover additional senses as your psychic awareness increases. This will help you receive messages from your angels, spirit guides and Higher Self. Serendipitous events will fill you with wonder and you will see magic in the mundane.

No matter how your awakening occurs, remember it is for your ultimate good. The rapid changes in your life may be frightening or painful, but rest assured they will pass. Awaiting you is a realm of limitless potential. That realm, or state of consciousness, contains the blueprint for perfection. Striving to access this Divine plan is what makes the process of awakening, and subsequent ascension, worth the effort.


No doubt many of you have started to notice the signs of this global shift in collective consciousness. That is because you are now seeing the connective thread that runs through the seemingly unrelated symptoms of awakening. Your new awareness is helping to fuel your spiritual growth while at the same time facilitating your soul’s ascension to a higher level of consciousness. Being cognizant of the process should also help you maintain an optimistic and enlightened point of view amidst the omnipresent negativity and fear of daily life. Awareness therefore is a good thing, indeed.

With a newly tweaked awareness, you will begin to experience psychic phenomena. That is because you are now communicating more consciously with your Higher Self, or that part of your spirit that you left anchored on the Other Side when you incarnated on Earth. Prior to your awakening, it is likely that your brain’s left hemisphere – the center of logic, earthly memories, and ego-dominated your thoughts and actions. As a result, your spiritual mind, or right brain, was probably overruled and even ridiculed by ego. Thankfully, awareness is all that is required to open the pathway to the Spirit realm.

Once you realize that you are a soul having a physical experience, not the reverse, you will start to feel and know on an intrinsic level that there is more to life than what our mere five senses tell us.

That is because awareness facilitates a free exchange between your human mind and Spirit, and makes you mindful of the signs your loving guides send in reply to your many questions.

You will also begin to see with your spiritual eyes the proverbial Big Picture. That in turn will lead to questions such as: “What is my soul’s purpose?” and “How do I fulfil my purpose?” You will realize in asking these weighty questions that life as we know it is but a dream. Your true essence is eternal, and your life on Earth is but one brief sojourn away from Home.

In order to nurture your new awareness, seek answers beyond the mere scope of the human realm. Ask yourself, “Does this concept resonate with my soul?” Look for patterns in your everyday life such as repetitive number sequences. Meditate every day to silence the distracting chatter generated by ego. Walk in nature, and spend time with children, animals and likeminded souls. Minimize the distractions and negativity from your life so that you can stay open and aware. Finally, lead with your heart, not your logical mind, to expand upon the wonders that awareness brings.


The first step in a spiritual journey is the awakening; the second, awareness. What follows is a more gradual, and far less dramatic, stage that brings you to a quiet and secure level of acceptance. This can be the most challenging of the three states for you are now encroaching on the very territorial ego and its tightly guarded domain of knowledge. The journey to acceptance may be a bumpy one, but this level of understanding and acceptance is the most liberating phase of your spiritual journey. It frees you from the shackles of fear while imbuing your very essence with Divine love. Acceptance is, therefore, a gift that keeps on giving.

Awaking to the plethora of possibilities that exist beyond the limited scope of a 3-D world takes you well beyond the comfort zone of the human ego which knows of no other reality that than which your current personality has experienced here on Earth. Let us suppose for expediency sake that your ego is uncharacteristically magnanimous in welcoming spiritual ideas into its decidedly secular domain. You will still encounter stiff resistance from other people’s egos. Take, for example, loved ones and associates who do not share your Divine vision. You may find yourself in the frustrating position of trying to explain your faith to someone who demands logical proof. But faith cannot be adequately expressed or quantified in words or numbers; it is, instead, a state of peaceful assuredness.

If you find yourself reacting defensively to those who question your spirituality, realize that your ego, not your spirit, is doing the talking. To overcome this insecurity, ask your angels to help you and, at the same, allow your spiritual mind to inform, guide, counsel and heal your ego. The process takes time, but once you arrive at this level of acceptance, you will quite simply know the truth in your heart and the need to explain or justify your beliefs will evaporate. 

Acceptance is a delightful state of consciousness that brings inner peace as it quiets and soothes the ever-anxious ego. It gives you freedom to express yourself without needing to mask your beliefs or impose them on others. Acceptance says:

“I am completely happy, safe, nurtured, and loved.
I require no external validation to be happy.
I am authentically me in all situations, and I like myself.
I am living the life my soul intended.”

Once you have accessed this level of bliss, you will do everything in your power to maintain it. Your efforts, and those of likeminded spiritual seekers, will help anchor the energy of the Divine here on Earth whereby fuelling the process of global ascension. We should, therefore, all strive for this level of inner peace.

Sharing Our Spiritual Connection

There is an Indian fable about six blind men and an elephant. Each man has a different interpretation of the elephant, based on his perception. The tusk, for example, feels radically different from the tail, so the men argue passionately with each other about the true nature of the elephant. Spirituality is much the same. There are as many pathways to God as there are people on Earth. Our connection to the Spirit realm is forged in our own unique way. No one path is inherently better, and no one person has all the answers. It is vitally important, therefore, that we learn to share our perceptions with each other so that we may all expand our spiritual understanding.

Like the men in the fable who found different aspects of the elephant to describe, each of us holds a specific piece of the puzzle we call God or Source. This piece of spiritual understanding comes from your higher self. Your intuition is the channel through which Divine messages flow. Learning to trust your intuition takes practice for ours is a technologically-advanced, scientific world and, consequently, intuitive powers are sadly underdeveloped, underutilized and undervalued. Fortunately, quantum science is getting closer to delivering qualitative evidence for the existence of Spirit; until that day, however, you must rely heavily on faith.

Each of us has the capacity to communicate with the Other Side via extrasensory perception. To strengthen your intuition, ask your angels to help you become a crystal clear channel for the Divine. Then, learn to trust and share the loving and repetitive messages that your angels send. Even though messages from the Divine realm are positive, they can be rather cryptic. Sharing them with others provides you with a much-needed change of perspective. Other times, you may receive messages that are perfectly clear but which do not apply to your life whatsoever. This information is intended for someone you know, or whom you will soon meet. One of the ways in which angels help people is by enlisting our help. They do this by sending us messages which we must then communicate to the people in our life. Intuition therefore is a gift that not only guides you, but brings you closer to others.

When you are inspired, or rather ‘in spirit’, have faith in the messages you receive and follow your intuition. If you are guided to share your inspiration with others, do it! Remember, you are a spirit having an Earthly experience. Spirit is your natural state of being. Your true self is made of pure energy, bound together by love. Use your intuition to tap into that energy and universal love, and you will bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth.


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