Communing with Nature

By Steve Clayton

Steve meditating under a treeThis morning Mother Nature was testing my resolve to be one with everything.

As is my regular practice, I sat under a tree in our backyard and closed my eyes. I then began to meditate with the tree.

I felt an ant crawl up my neck and into my beard, something landed on the rim of my right nostril another just above my left eyelid and something else on my left cheek and they were all moving and exploring.

I have to admit it was off-putting at first but I started to adjust until I moved my right arm and accidentally squashed a mosquito.

Everything on me froze.

I apologized to its spirit, wished it well on it homeward journey and filled myself with love which I then exuded from every pore in my body. The bugs went back to their exploring and I relaxed again.

My reward?

A bee landed on the hosta to my right and I could not only hear it entering the flower but I could actually hear it sucking out nectar.

I opened my eyes slightly and watched and heard it repeat the procedure on every single flower until it flew off. I felt I belonged at that moment rather than being an interloper.

I was truly One with Nature.

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