Ascension Symptoms: Spring 2018

By Kim Hutchinson

Everyone on Planet Earth is being upgraded energetically. Some of us are being prepared for ascension and life on the New Earth, as per our soul readiness and desire; others are being lifted to the level that best suits their soul’s journey.

The energy that is transforming us came from the Galactic Central Sun, and is now radiating from our Sun. It affects all life on the planet (and in), as well as the Earth herself.

One way we can measure these incoming waves of ascension energy is by looking at graphs that show huge spikes in the Schumann Resonances, a.k.a. Gaia’s heartbeat. Another way is to monitor one’s body for symptoms. For example, as those incoming solar waves of blissful, high vibrational energy wash over us, they can make us feel very sleepy.

Ascension Manifestations

The following are some more examples of ascension ‘symptoms’.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any of these symptoms, consult with your Physician in order to rule out non-ascension related causes.


  • Peripheral visions: Objects and beings appearing in the corner of your eye
  • Geometry: Seeing the Flower of Life pattern or other sacred geometric forms, especially upon awakening
  • Colour: Perceiving more colours or an increased colour intensity


  • Acuity: Picking up on subtle background noise (i.e. hum/buzz of electronics)
  • Music: Hearing music in everyday sounds


  • Clairalience: Physic smell (i.e. smelling roses while looking at a garden video)
  • Sensitivity: Noticing subtle odors in a big way


  • Awareness: Feeling non-corporeal beings (i.e. angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones) touching you, especially during healings

Sparkling Skin

  • Glitter: While sitting in the Sun, skin appears to be covered in glitter or pixie dust (tiny specs of white or rainbow coloured light)
  • Glow: Radiating light in the dark

Increased Vibration

  • Vibrational Downloads: Energy entering the crown, slowly moving down the body accompanied by a “whomp whomp” sound; increased pressure; heat, and temporary muscle weakness
  • Body: Vibrating head-to-toe while falling asleep or upon awakening

Heart Clearing and Expansion

  • Palpitations: Racing, irregular heartbeat during heightened Sun activity (i.e. CMEs – Coronal Mass Ejections
  • Rear Heart Chakra Purging: Waves of cold energy rippling through the upper back and shoulder area
  • Heart Opening: Warm, powerful, radiant energy filling the chest, arms and hands

Altered Sleep Patterns

  • Nap Attacks: The sudden, pressing need for a midday nap
  • More Sleep: Needing, on average, two extra hours of sleep per night
  • Altered Schedule: Going to bed much earlier (i.e. 8 pm) or later than usual (i.e. midnight)
  • Interrupted Sleep: Waking at frequent intervals throughout the night (i.e. every two hours)
  • Exhaustion: Lacking energy, despite increased sleep


  • Headaches: Bouts of head pain (i.e. pulsating energy drilling into the crown)
  • Aches and Pain: Stiff, aching joints, especially knees and lower back interspersed with good days when the body feels lighter and more limber

Respiratory / Throat Issues

  • Sinus Congestion: Blocked nasal passages and sinuses
  • Hoarseness: Throat blockages

Weight and Diet Changes

  • Weight Fluctuations: Inadvertently gaining or losing weight
  • Increased Metabolism: Burning calories quickly; feeling famished; stomach growing loudly in between meals; needing to eat something every two hours
  • Lack of Appetite: Feeling bloated and full despite not having eaten


  • Virulent Flu or Cold: Intense physical purging; falling ill despite usually being healthy and immune


  • Living in the Now: Truly being present with no past regrets or future fears
  • Zoning Out: Easily and rapidly slipping into a relaxed, almost meditative, state
  • Bliss: Feeling totally contented

Mental Silence

  • Quiet Brain: Lack of random thoughts; ruminations on the past, or anxiety about the future
  • Muted Ego: Absence of running commentary; comparisons, and fears

Memory Loss

  • Short-Term: Difficulty with short-term memory recall
  • Long-Term: Temporary gaps in long-term memory (i.e. forgetting how to spell common words); altered memories (due to merging timelines)

Lack of Focus

  • Unable to Concentrate: Inability to focus on work
  • Single-Tasking: No longer able to multi-task

Emotional Purges

  • Fear: Moments of intense fear (i.e. lack of money; fear of losing a loved one)
  • Anger: Periods of intense purges of anger; feeling irrationally upset; vocalizing displeasure in a new way; embodying the anger of a mal-treated group

Oneness with Wildlife

  • Tameness: Wild animals approaching high vibrational humans without trepidation
  • Communication: Understanding animal language, both verbal and telepathic

Time Shifts

  • Acceleration: Time speeding up; feeling overwhelmed by the lack of time
  • Slow Down: Intermittent periods when it feels like time almost stops

Becoming Your Own Guru

  • Loss of Gurus: Spiritual teachers disavowing themselves of their former teachings; strange behaviour from people in the spiritual community
  • Loss of Guides: Former spiritual guides not being as responsive
  • Soul Connection: Increased reliance on one’s soul in lieu of other people or spiritual beings

Heightened Intuition

  • Telepathy: Knowing what your partner is about to say
  • Premonition: Knowing what is going to happen, especially 10 second prior to the event

Spiritual Recall

  • Past Lives: Spontaneously remembering prior incarnations and abilities
  • Light Language: Intuitively understanding light language and/or channeling light language

Multidimensional Consciousness

  • Mandala Effect: Ability to recognize when timelines converge; awareness of other realities
  • Alternate Realities: Soul journeys to other dimensions and densities

How to Deal with Ascension Symptoms

The energetic upgrades can be intense at times, and it’s beneficial to do the following:

Rest / Relax

  • If possible, take time off work to relax.
  • Intersperse work with regular breaks
  • Get lots of sleep


  • Go outside (i.e. go to the beach; sit in the Sun; sit with a tree; garden, go camping)
  • Ground yourself (especially to 5D Earth)

Have Fun

  • Laugh
  • Play games
  • Dance and sing
  • Find an enjoyable hobby
  • Be social

Need More Help?

I’m an Ascension Guide. I provide Distance Multidimensional Energy Healing, coupled with Intuitive Soul Guidance, to help to alleviate ascension symptoms and to help you better understand the process. I have been healing and guiding people for over 10 years. I work with angels, Source and pure intention. My philosophy is, “All healing comes from Love”. To learn more about my healing services, or to book a healing, please visit:

Kim Hutchinson of is a Mystical Guiding Star whose soul journeys through time, space and dimensions to offer healing to people worldwide.

4 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms: Spring 2018

  • Rosemary Taylor

    OMG, Kimmy, you nailed it!! I just kept saying, Yes, Yes, Yes! to everything I read! In the last week as I awaken to the chatter of the birds, twice I “knew” what they were saying, sort of like when you hear another language and every once in a while you pick up on what’s being said. And in the middle of the night, hearing the music of…something, birds maybe, but then I realize that they don’t sing at 2 AM! And a whole new type of movements that I pick up in my vision. I could go on but I thank you so much for compiling this list. Love you so much!!!

    • Thanks, Rosemary, for your awesome feedback! I am really happy to know that you’re hearing and seeing the same things! That’s a powerful affirmation. Much love to you! xox

  • Kitty

    This is so spot on – my sleeping has been unusually deep. Since I follow the Moon cycles, I tend to sleep deeply during the last waning cycle of the moon and usually less to little sleep before the full moon. It’s the Full Moon tomorrow and by goodness, I’m struggling to stay awake even as I write this and I’ve had less energy for my work for the past week or so.
    My meditation has become super intense and I connect with higher frequency quicker than before. I had to come back to read this again to note all the symptoms you listed, even to the flu symptoms and it does really apply. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

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