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Ascension Timelines

Many people want to know when we will ascend. Truthfully, no one knows the exact date of the tipping point (a.k.a. the shift; the event), but that is just one moment in time. Ascension is actually a process. It is happening right now. The completion of the shift into 5D could occur anytime. Mother Earth is in charge of the ascension, and she will not commit to a date. She will ascend when she feels the time right.

Jumping Timelines

Life makes use of all possibilities. There will be temporary holographic Earths at the 3rd and 4th dimensions to ease the ascension of souls who do not wish to go to the 5th right away. This will help make the transition as gentle and seamless as possible. This also respects our free will so that we all have the experience of our soul’s choosing, within the framework of the ascension. That means every possibility is being explored. Each variable is expressed in its own timeline. The Law of Attraction can be easily applied to align you with the timeline that contains your heart’s desires. Simply set your intention to align with a timeline in which you return Home during the time frame of your choosing.

What Will Happen on December 21?

December 21 is the galactic alignment, and yes that is significant; however, it doesn’t mean that Mother Earth is going to ascend that day. This cycle is being led by the Divine Feminine not the masculine universe, so despite a more left-brained desire for specificity of date, the female will follow her own rhythm.

The galactic alignment is going to usher in a Golden Age upon Earth. This is when the Galactic (Central) Sun releases a pulse and upgrades all life in every dimension. We will experience a rapid and amazing evolution, but said changes will not all occur on that date. It is simply the beginning.

What about 12-12-12? Is that Significant?

Yes, it is. Anytime you have a powerful number sequence such as this date, you create a shift in consciousness. On Dec. 12, 2012, the universe will ‘take a snapshot’ of what is in your heart, and then will send you the energy to manifest it on Dec. 21. On these two dates it is important to be in your heart, and to connect with your truest desires. The creation of a Golden Age depends on us and upon what we create at this very fertile time. In fact, the more time we spend in our hearts, the better off we all will be, not just in terms of the ascension.

Do I Have to Live Like an Ascended Master in Order to Ascend?

Quite simply, no. If this was an individual ascension, then the answer would be yes. In the past, very enlightened beings were able to move to a higher dimension due to their actions. Typically, that would mean spending a minimum of four hours a day in deep meditation; eating a vegan diet, and remaining cloistered from the general populace.

At this point in history though, most of us are here either to complete our third dimensional education, to assist others with this goal or to help Mother Earth with her interdimensional journey (ascension). If you are here in service to others, it is very difficult to maintain this kind of dedication of self. Yes, the ascended masters help humanity, but not in the direct fashion that Earth-based Lightworkers do. Ideally, you should follow the 50/50 rule: 50% of your time is for you, and the other half is for others. Don’t allow yourself to get depleted for your mission.

Preparing for Ascension

You don’t have to live like a saint, but there are a few guidelines you may wish to follow:

  • Forgiveness: Speak to each person’s highest self, and release your karmic ties by forgiving them and yourself for every hurt. In order to ascend, you have to jettison the weight.
  • Gratitude: Find new reasons every day to love life. This will help you align with timelines that are in your highest interest, and will also assist humanity in creating a Golden Age of peace, love and light.
  • Healing: All healing comes from Love. You are Love. So, to release any kind of infirmity, you must release the notion of illness. This helps to break down the barriers that you have built between you and Source.
  • Bucket List: If there is anything you want to do before ascension, and then do it now. If it is beyond your means, then release the need to experience it by accepting that you are eternal and that your spirit will find a creative solution somewhere, sometime.
  • Heart Focus: Practice thinking with your heart. This realm was created for the brain, but the next level is heart-centred. The more time you spend in the sacred space of your heart, the better prepared you will be for the transition. This will enable to you ‘hit the ground running’, so to speak.
  • Raise Your Vibration: Several nights ago, I was lying in bed talking with Source-God. I asked that God help prepare for the upcoming ascension. I then experienced a powerful ‘tune-up’. I started to vibrate. Energy and heat were coursing through me in tangible waves, and my body was shaking from the higher vibrational energy. I felt like I was revving a race car. I set the intention to smooth out the energy, and suddenly my body felt placid. I then fell back asleep and dreamed of the ascension. Feel free to use this technique, or to one of your own. There are no right or wrong answers. Trust your intuition.

Most of all remember you are loved and you are safe. Our souls, Mother Earth, loved ones on the Other Side, star friends and the angels are all very excited about the ascension, and we should be too.


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic spiritual healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Her writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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