Unblocking Your Manifestation Power

By Kim Hutchinson

Have you tried manifesting only to find it either did not work, or the ability was short lived? The latter happened to us. Steve and I enjoyed early successes with our manifestation intentions. We received several gifts in a short period of time, and felt excited to see our intentions taking shape. Then, unexpectedly, the manifestations stopped. That puzzled us for a while.

I meditated on the subject and was told we had blockages that prevented us from receiving more:

  • We saw ourselves as separate from Source.
  • We were too focused on specific forms of manifestations, which meant we missed the cornucopia of other gifts that continued to flow to us.

We realized that we had unintentionally created the lack that we were trying to eradicate. Learning to receive is a lesson many of us need to master, as we have become separated from unity consciousness over the course of numerous incarnations.

When manifesting, it is essential to recognize that Source is everything, and that you are Source. The natural state of Being for Source is abundance.

We shifted our perception of Source as being an outside force to seeing us interconnected with everything in the universe, including prosperity. We have built walls to keep out the abundance. Lack is unnatural. We only need to remember our authentic self.

Gratitude, faith / trust, and patience are also essential to the manifestation process. Focus on the end goal. Don’t worry about how to get there, or how long it will take.

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