Incoming Light Energy Upgrades

By Steve Clayton

Yesterday morning in the middle of a steady rain I repeatedly received the message to go outside and mediate with the elm tree in our backyard. I did my best to ignore it but finally realized there was a message awaiting me, so out I went. After settling myself comfortably between two hostas with my back against the elm tree I relaxed into the moment. Much to my surprise I became aware of a symphony of sounds around me; the rain hitting the leaves, water dripping from one leaf to another and onto the hostas, and drips on my hat chiming in. The rhythmic cadence of the water drops almost put me to sleep. I became aware of a great joy enveloping me. I passed my hands a few inches over each of the hostas and joy radiated through me.

More Than Meets the Eye

My first thought was the plants were happy to be receiving a much needed drink after a few weeks of hot, dry weather. That was only part of it, I was told. Yes, the plants, trees and grass were grateful for the rain but they were happier with the message that came with it. The Information Highway of the universe is Light. Light conducts more than just energy; it conducts information as well, information that affects our DNA, our brain and our intuition. We, like the universe, are made of light. It makes sense that light is able to communicate with us on many levels rather than just through our eyes. The Earth not only receives messages directly from the Sun but sunlight also infuses the water in clouds with the same information. As that rain falls down and is absorbed by the Earth this information is transmitted to roots and all life below the surface. Underground there is a huge communication network consisting not just of plant and tree roots but also of aquifers, rivers and seas. The information in the water is transmitted throughout the Earth via this network.

Hunab Ku

The plants were joyful about was the information they had begun receiving from the Central Sun of the multiverse, the Hunab Ku. This light has been travelling from the centre of the universe for several years spreading its message along the way. The energetic upgrades and rise in consciousness that have been long awaited, discussed, argued about and even denied are, according to the joy filled plants, beginning to take place now as more and more of the Hunab Ku’s Light reaches us. That is definitely a reason to be excited and joyful.

What Can You Do?

According to Mother Earth, via the tree and plant network, the best way to prepare for these energetic upgrades is to be in your heart, full of love and joy for all life and to accept this new energy naturally. Do not over think this, fear it or even try to control it. Just allow it to happen. Let yourself to become one with all life on Mother Earth and enjoy this new perspective. Your life will change for the better in ways you cannot yet imagine.

4 thoughts on “Incoming Light Energy Upgrades

  • I’m gratified to find this post as I received the same message last week about light energy coming in with the rain. I’ve also been drawn to sit with trees recently and have been hearing them sing and having them tell me things. Thank you for sharing, it validates my own experiences.

    • Wow, Andrea! That’s amazing. 🙂 Thank you for contacting us and sharing your experiences. It is validating for us, too. And how wonderful to be able to receive such a joyful message. Blessing to you.

  • theo

    Amazing indeed! My companion and me, we were charging water with special intended cards,
    Sanjeevini, created by
    Satya Sai Baba in India a while ago – for healing and blessing.
    We were pouring the water in rivers, fountains, springs, in garden, trees, flowers, in the rain.
    It was raining after that gracefully and abundantly, the Nature all around was a WONDER!

    So very impressed with your beautiful description of the rain symphony, Steve. THAT must have been Divine!
    Thank you, Andrea, too, for hearing the trees sing. OMG, what a grace!
    We also got beautiful messages from all over Creation, have a look, if you wish:
    Definitely great things are underway.
    Other messages say, the great WAVE from the SOURCE might reach us by end July, beginning August.
    I was honored to meet you, dear Kim & Steve

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful message, Theo! 🙂
      How wonderful that you sent healing and blessings to the waters of the world.
      We love that you feel the incoming energies, too. That’s a powerful affirmation.
      Lots of love to you. xox

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