Healing with Light

By Steve Clayton

The light in your heart
Is always there to lead you
Allow it to shine

We Are Light

Ten years ago, the term biophotons burst into my paradigm. I did not understand its significance at the time but I innately knew biophotons were important.

Biophotons are the smallest building blocks in the third dimensional matrix. They are vibrating light, and everything is composed of them, including us. The average human is estimated to contain 75 trillion biophotons. They form our life body at the quantum level. Through the magic of sacred geometry, they combine to create all life, including the multiverse.

What Does This Mean for You?

We are sentient beings of light. We are created of, and through, light. We are even endowed with the capacity to create with light. And create we do!

We help create other human beings through the sharing and combining of these bio-photons. We also create great works of art, engineering, poetry, music and weapons of mass destruction. Our creations spring from what motivates us.

All motivation in this dimension springs from love and fear. In the list of our creations above, it is easy to see which ones arose from love versus fear.

Manifestation and Your Health

As creators, perhaps the creation that affects us the most is that of our own health.

Our health manifests from how we view both the world and ourselves. If we adopt a positive foundation (love), we enjoy good health. If we adopt a negative foundation (fear), we suffer ill health.

This may sound easy but life is not that simple. Despite our best intentions, it is easy to slide from love into fear.

We are bombarded daily by misinformation about who we are. We are not taught the truth that we are beings of light. We are not even encouraged to think about who we are. We are funnelled onto the endless treadmill of desires; creating wealth for others and nothing fulfilling for ourselves.

I have been an energy healer for nearly 12 years and I see the detrimental manifestations of this ‘lifestyle’ on people’s health.

Healing with Light

There are many ways to manifest good health. For me, it is working with light.

When bio-photons are vibrating in harmony, creation is in perfect health. When bio-photons are not in a harmonic vibration, illness or dis-ease manifests.

When I heal, I connect with a person’s quantum energy field. I both see and sense their light body. Uniformity in the brightness of their light, and the feel of its vibrations, are clues to their health. A lack of uniformity indicates dis-ease.

I begin the healing process by channelling healthy higher dimensional biophotons into the light body. I then harmonize the light on the quantum level and direct that harmony into the four bodies: spirit, mental, emotional and physical. Once these bodies are harmonized in unity, good health manifests as naturally as a sunrise.

I am able to heal with biophotons both in-person and through distance sessions. This works well for both people and animals.

About Bio-Photonic Healing: 

Source created the Flower of Life (FOL). From this sacred geometry flows Divine Light and Love. That coalesces into multiverses and all spectrum of life.

Experience high vibrational quantum energy healing! I begin by intuitively scanning your bio-photonic field. Then, I will infuse you with 5D – 9D photonic star energy, while visualizing the Flower of Life pattern. This ensures that all sub-patterns, such as the Platonic solids, are in divine order (i.e. flowing harmoniously; same brightness and energy levels). Healing the building blocks of life truly gets to the root of all dis-ease.

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