Ascension Symptoms

By Kim Hutchinson

orbsI’ve been receiving lots of email and phone calls from people who are experiencing awakening and ascension symptoms, and who are fearful about the process. Anyone who is ready to ascend, or who is awakening to the process, is noticing dramatic signs. That is because the ascension is intensifying. As it is time-consuming for me to reply to each of you, I have decided to address all of your questions in this and future articles.

Seeing Spirits

It may or may not be comforting to know that you are never alone. You always have guardian angels and spirit guides watching over you. Additionally, archangels will swoop in from time to time to help you resolve issues, and deceased loved ones will come to visit especially whenever there is a large family gathering. The ascension process heightens our psychic awareness making us aware of these other-dimensional beings. This is at once a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it.

Some of you are frightened by the prospect of seeing spirits, and I share that fear. Having spirits drop in unannounced is disconcerting at best. That is why I prefer to work with angels. Their presence does not frighten; in fact, they calm me down and fill my home with love and peace. Their gentle presence is dramatically different than Earth-bound spirits, for example. These folks have left their physical bodies but have not returned Home for healing and recuperation. They are, essentially, trapped by their own choosing in the negativity of their ego. (No one is ever turned away from the Light. We come from love, we are love and we will all eventually return home to the omnipresent love of All That Is.) When these Earth-bound spirits come around, you can feel it. They bring fear, anger and pain with them.

If you are aware of these unwanted visitors, ask Archangel Michael to escort them from your space and to see if they are ready to go Home. You can also ask them if they know that they are deceased. (Surprisingly, some don’t.) Tell them that their loved ones are waiting for them on the Other Side, and that they are loved no matter what they did in this lifetime on Earth. Urge them to go to the Light. If they still won’t leave, visualize your home filled with God’s white-gold light, and see it pouring into you and your family members and pets. Keep reminding yourself that you are a child of God and that you are completely protected. Chances are these spirits will not hang around. They prefer the darkness whereas your fear is an invitation for them to stay. In other cases, they want you to help them. I used to have a portal in my basement where spirits came and went all the time. I noticed the activity increased whenever I watched ghost shows like Most Haunted, so I promptly stopped. I then asked the angels to seal the portal and to tell these beings that I was not able to help them. I apologized to them, and then I stopped ‘taking their calls’, so to speak.

Feeling Blocked / Psychic Attacks

This one isn’t meant to scare you, but I need to address it as many of my Lightworker friends and myself have been targeted recently. I will share with you my experience so that you can see what might happen, coupled with how to protect yourself.

Several weeks ago, I attended a lightworkers circle. While I was mediating, a being disguised as angel swooped down and grabbed me by the wrist and yanked me up through a spiraling white wormhole into a veritable Paradise, and then out the other side. While passing through Eden, I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. What I didn’t understand was why the ‘angel’ wouldn’t let me stay. He yanked me through this level of consciousness into black space. That’s what alerted me to the fact that he was not an angel at all. I stopped and asked to see his face. That’s when I noticed a second being with him. I couldn’t focus on either of them, so I asked them to come closer. The one who had grabbed me was a man with long white hair and a matching beard. He looked like a shepherd. The second was a woman with a very pointy chin. It was her chin that alarmed me. I could see angels or spirit guides looking like a shepherd, but not having a scary-looking facial feature. They tried to convince me they were angels by spreading their wings. The wings looked huge like a magnified version of a swan’s wings, but when they spread them, they looked menacing. I felt this was meant to intimidate me. I asked them who they were and what they wanted with me, and they replied with great urgency, “You have to come with us! We need you on our planet! COME!” I became alarmed and started calling for Archangel Michael. A large blue ‘angel’ appeared who I thought was Michael, but who turned out to be yet another impostor. This really alarmed me. I started mentally yelling for Michael to help me. That’s when Michael showed up. He was huge in comparison with them, and he came peacefully, not in the showy, frantic manner that they had. He just stood beside me quietly like massive statue, and they immediately disappeared. I knew it was the real Michael and not his doppelganger because he was so still. I asked him for protection, and he invited me to link with him by grasping each others’ wrists and pulling away from each other. We began to spin and in doing so we created a large blue vortex. He said I was safe within that vortex because it contained his energy. I traveled through that vortex back to the light circle.

Several members of my Lightworker circle have been blocked by these beings. The hosts of the circle very nearly cancelled it altogether because of the negativity and fear that threatened to overwhelm them. The good news is, they broke through it, as did I, and we are all feeling happier now. I asked the angels why we were targeted by these beings and they told me that Earth’s ascension is affecting every being in the universe. Our elevation from the third to the fifth dimension of consciousness is altering life everywhere. That means we are being watched, helped and sometimes hindered by beings from other planets. The overwhelming majority of starpeople are friendly and very advanced. These beings are facilitating our ascension. The ones who are trying to hinder us are not as advanced and so are more uncertain about the idea of ascension.

My advice to you is not to be afraid. Call on Archangel Michael to vacuum away all the fear and negativity from you, your family, your pets, your home, your possessions, your workplace, and so forth. Ask him to cut your cords of fear, as well. Then, envision yourself inside a rose-coloured, heart-shaped bubble of pure love. These beings who are interfering with your ascension are frightened, and so the best remedy is to send them pure love.

Change of Life’s Purpose

If you were not aware of your life purpose prior to the awakening and start of your ascension, you soon will be. For those of you who have been on the path for a while, you may discover that your mission has shifted. Either way, this is going to change the very focus of your life. Things that once held your attention may now bore you. The job that you once loved may soon feel meaningless. Your soul is now in the driver’s seat and it is making the decisions for you.

In my case, I thought giving angels readings was my life’s purpose. Turns out, that no longer applies. Recently, the Goddess told me that I was now a ‘guiding star’. At that point in my ascension, I had arrived at the 8th dimension and was connecting to the golden energy of the Christ Consciousness. (Since then, I have been seeing a blank slate and hearing ‘10’, but I have yet to discover the meaning.) I kept hearing ‘merkaba’ and seeing a 3-D six-sided rotating star. I also heard that I was being guided by Lord Melchizedek. I have since researched these terms and was delighted to discover they made perfect sense! Merkaba means ‘light spirit body’. It is a vehicle for ascension and can be activated using sacred geometry. Melchizedek, I discovered, is the ascended master in charge of the ascension. He is helping to create Heaven on Earth.

So, if you receive a message, don’t discount it even if the words sound made-up. Also, don’t be frustrated if you don’t readily understand your new purpose. It took me several weeks to understand the guiding star reference. I now know that I am to guide people through the various states of consciousness in order to accelerate and facilitate their ascension. I wasn’t sure how this would occur, but the angels answered that question too by simply changing the content and focus of my angel readings away from the typical fare to the more esoteric topic of ascension.

A Desire to Go Home

If you have been experiencing a desire to return Home that is not born out of a mental health issues, you may be relieved to discover that this is not a suicidal tendency. Archangel Michael explained to me that it is a pronounced desire to ascend. Those who have been awakened know that they are supposed to leave the 3rd dimension and move upward, but they don’t know how to achieve this. Thankfully, the path of ascension is finally being shown to us. We can move up through the states of consciousness to be closer to the God mind without dying. As we achieve this, it will forever alter the collective human consciousness. Life as we know it will never be the same. That in itself is a type of death, but not one to be feared. Just look at the state of the world today and you will know that any change which brings us closer to God’s perfect love is a good thing indeed.

Dizziness and Headaches

During the ascension process, the crown chakra expands thereby stimulating the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain that controls higher vibrational light intake via the third eye chakra. Prior to ascension, the pineal gland is relatively inactive. Once fully ascended, the pineal gland remains open and active. The process of activating the pineal can cause headaches (cluster headaches and migraines) which can cause dizziness and vertigo.

I experience lightheadedness and headaches quite often, so when the dizziness and migraine headaches induced by the ascension process kicked in, I was shocked by the intensity. The most intense experiences occurred this week after I received the S.A.C. (Spiritual Alignment Connection), a healing process that facilitates the ascension process by aligning the meridians in the body and helping to reconnect all 12 strands of DNA. I became so focused on my third eye chakra that I got caught up in its vortex of energy. The centrifugal force made me feel nauseated and weak. Through a grounding process, I was able to bring myself back into my body and the spinning stopped. If you feel lightheaded or nauseated, you too may be expanding your psychic awareness or connecting with your soul’s vortex energy. The best solution is to breathe deeply while envisioning roots attaching your feet to the heart of Mother Earth.

The S.A.C. also heightened my light sensitivity by increasing activity in my pineal gland. I experienced three ocular migraines in one week, all of which were induced by sunlight. I have also been seeing more ‘ghostly’ images than usual. If you experience similar symptoms, my advice to you is to keep your blinds drawn, maintain a consistent by indirect lighting in a room, and always wear sunglasses if you’re outside. You can also ask the angels to turn down the frequency until you adjust to the new light sensitivity.

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