Incoming Light Energy Upgrades

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By Steve Clayton An Unexpected Rest Stop Yesterday morning in the middle of a steady rain I repeatedly received the message to go outside and mediate with the elm tree in our backyard. I did my best to ignore it but finally realized there was a message awaiting me, so out I went. After settling […]

Mother Earth Talks Ascension

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By Kim Hutchinson In previous articles, I have channeled other sources about the ascension. These include Archangel Raziel, Archangel Michael and Mother God . Today, I am talking with Mother Earth. Mother Earth, please tell us what we need to know about this ascension. In the past, ascension was individual experience. This time it is […]

Mother Earth

Mother Earth’s Female Prerogative

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By Kim Hutchinson In case you are wondering why we didn’t ascend on December 21st, here is my understanding: We have just entered a female cycle, and the female is heart-centred rather than being left-brained. The latter loves to adhere to a fixed schedule whereas the heart operates outside the perimeters of time. It’s no coincidence, […]

11.11.11 Back Pain: More Insights

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By Kim Hutchinson I’ve just received further information regarding the back pain that started two days ago on 11.11.11. Before I tell you what I’ve learned, I need to preface this by saying that Mother Earth represents and embodies our collective lower selves. We are her, and she is us. Whatever is going on with […]