Mother Earth and the Stairway to Heaven

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By Steve Clayton Unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies have help to boost the mood here. But there’s something else at play, and is Mother Earth herself. She is in a ‘heavenly’ mood and her energy is feeling very fifth dimensional. Heavenly Days I started my day by hanging clothes outside to dry in the […]

Steve’s New Healings with Mother Earth and Photons

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Steve is happy to announce two new healing options! These are in addition to his Full-Spectrum Vibrational (In-Person) Healings and his Implant & Entity Distance Healings. Mother Earth Healing Gaia, along with her trees, waterfalls, mountains, meadows and lakes, all carry unique energy signatures that, when united with, help to restore your natural balance. Heal with the […]

Incoming Light Energy Upgrades

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By Steve Clayton An Unexpected Rest Stop Yesterday morning in the middle of a steady rain I repeatedly received the message to go outside and mediate with the elm tree in our backyard. I did my best to ignore it but finally realized there was a message awaiting me, so out I went. After settling […]

Mother Earth Talks Ascension

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By Kim Hutchinson In previous articles, I have channeled other sources about the ascension. These include Archangel Raziel, Archangel Michael and Mother God . Today, I am talking with Mother Earth. Mother Earth, please tell us what we need to know about this ascension. In the past, ascension was individual experience. This time it is […]

Mother Earth

Mother Earth’s Female Prerogative

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By Kim Hutchinson In case you are wondering why we didn’t ascend on December 21st, here is my understanding: We have just entered a female cycle, and the female is heart-centred rather than being left-brained. The latter loves to adhere to a fixed schedule whereas the heart operates outside the perimeters of time. It’s no coincidence, […]

11.11.11 Back Pain: More Insights

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By Kim Hutchinson I’ve just received further information regarding the back pain that started two days ago on 11.11.11. Before I tell you what I’ve learned, I need to preface this by saying that Mother Earth represents and embodies our collective lower selves. We are her, and she is us. Whatever is going on with […]