Prosperity Consciousness: Manifest like a Child

By Kim Hutchinson

Like many of you, I used to be a powerful manifestor as a child. For me, magic was real. I believed I could fly. I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid. I had no limits. Those came later in life, and were imposed upon me by well-intentioned adults who wanted to protect me. I was systematically trained to rely on my left brain for support. Value systems were implanted which blocked out my spiritual gifts. These included the following adages:

  • Life is hard and then you die.
  • You have to work hard for what you want.
  • Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.

I came to believe that I had to study hard to get good grades so that I could go to a good university and then get a good job with health benefits and a pension. My IQ mattered more than my EQ (emotional intelligence). I was measured and compared with my peers. Even though I loathed competition, I was forced to compete for honours and recognition. The more I competed, the faster I lost my power.

I came to believe in lack, a foreign concept to my child-self. As the idea took root, it grew and grew until it blocked out my ability to manifest freely and easily. I fell into the trap of fear-based thinking. The more I struggled to free myself, the deeper I dug in. Try as I might to manifest my dreams, I found my fears increasing; after all, that which you resist persists.

When I finally stopped resisting the urges of ego and started making peace with my fear-fuelled, competitive side, something marvellous and miraculous happened. In mid-October, I moved from lack consciousness to the higher dimensional prosperity consciousness. This level of manifestation is far more stable and powerful than anything I’ve experienced as an adult. In fact, it reminds me of the magic of my youth.

To help you better understand what I’m talking about, here is a comparison of two levels of the two.

Lack Consciousness

  • Level of Consciousness: Third Dimension
  • Degree of Difficulty: Very challenging
  • Energy Required: Lots of time and effort needed
  • Helplessness: Pleading and bargaining with benevolent beings (i.e. God, angels…) for help
  • Fear-Based: Anxiety, stress, worry, lack
  • Haphazard: Hit-and-miss, inconsistent
  • Impermanent: Fleeting results
  • Polarized: Fuels both dreams and fears

Prosperity Consciousness

  • Level of Consciousness: Fifth Dimension
  • Degree of Difficulty: Effortless
  • Energy Required: Personal energy not required – Simply allow universal energy to flow through you
  • Love-Based: Confident, secure, feeling completely loved and supported
  • Reliable: Guaranteed results exactly as intended every time
  • Permanent: Rock solid, durable results
  • Unified: Born out of Love and attracts more Love

As we continue our ascension journey, everyone will enjoy prosperity consciousness. It’s a natural state of being. Prosperity is natural and effortless. Creating lack, as we have done here on Earth, take a lot of effort. If you have evidence of lack consciousness in your life (i.e. debts) then take heart; this is a sure sign of your manifestation power. Your gifts have simply been inverted so that you create what you do not wish, and so that you give away your power. Once you connect with Fifth Dimensional consciousness, that golden energy will flow into your life and bring effortless prosperity back to you.

Update: I won a contest! My prize is an ounce of gold. Just yesterday, I wrote this article and said the energy of prosperity consciousness was golden. Talk about a powerful affirmation! 🙂

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