Life in the 5th Dimension

By Kim Hutchinson

golden-dimensionLife in the fifth dimension is dramatically different from 3-D Earth. Gone is the polarity experiment with all its collateral damage. In its place, we have a pristine new Earth whose inhabitants enjoy Unity Consciousness. The theme of 5-D Earth is Mastering the Art of Manifestation. That means we create from an endless well of inspiration and possibility.

Right now, our higher selves in conjunction with the angels are preparing a place for us in 5-D. There’s a flurry of excited activity as they put the finishing touches on our welcome package. When we fully transition from 3-D to the fifth, we will be greeted with open arms by all our ‘departed’ loved ones and pets, soulmates, spirit guides and angels. An epic homecoming/reunion party will soon follow. Then, your life in 5-D will begin. Here is some of what you may expect.



  • Houses are not a necessity because we do not require shelter, food, sleep, etc.
  • Most people opt to build their dream home for fun
  • Houses can be modified instantly and easily through manifestation 

Public Buildings

  • In 5-D we are very social and therefore require lots of public gathering places
  • Many are replicas of our most beloved 3-D structures (i.e. Sydney Opera House)


  • You look human but your form is made almost entirely of light
  • This lightbody is luminous and has a golden aura
  • You are crystalline in structure instead of carbon-based
  • You are proportionally larger/taller in 5-D
  • You are able to modify your body features with ease
  • You do not age, and can be any age you wish (i.e. 25) 


  • Most communication is telepathic (non-verbal), unless you choose to speak or sing
  • Communication comes from the heart which is loving and compassionate
  • There are no misunderstandings or lies 

Life Forms

  • All life (plant, animal, mineral, spiritual) co-exists in harmony
  • We all understand and love each other 


  • Animals are no longer wild
  • We do not eat animals
  • Animals that have gone extinct on 3-D Earth are alive and well in 5-D
  • Animals are not kept as pets; they live with us in harmony


  • We do not eat or harm plants
  • We communicate with trees, flowers and all vegetation 


  • You live on pure prana
  • Eating, and the subsequent digestive process, is no longer required
  • When you wish to experience the pleasure of eating, you manifest food using prana
  • No animals or plants are harmed


  • There is no pain, illness or suffering of any kind
  • You enjoy perfect, radiant health which you easily maintain
  • You have a higher vibrational set of chakras 


  • For our home, we choose the type of landscape that we love most
  • We can combine land and water features in a way that doesn’t exist here in 3-D
  • How we perceive the landscape may differ completely from the way people around us see it 

Life Purpose

  • There is no need to work or to earn money (neither exist)
  • You spend your days exploring your passions and joys
  • What you love in this lifetime, but which you can’t seem to master, is one of your greatest gifts in the 5th (i.e. drawing, singing)


  • Each lifetime typically lasts several hundred, or even thousands, of years
  • You no longer experience death
  • At the end of each lifetime, you consciously shift dimensions 


  • The arts (i.e. music, theatre, fine art) are very popular
  • Art and music are greatly enhanced by a wider spectrum of colour and sound
  • We engage in almost all sports, except for those that are harmful to others
  • Due to the nature of our lightbody, there are no injuries
  • Time ‘off’ isn’t necessary as we never tire and we love everything we do 



  • You blend auras in order to share experiences (visions, thoughts, feelings)
  • A full merging of two souls takes the place of 3-D sexual union
  • Full bonding is immensely pleasurable and can be experienced with anyone, regardless of gender
  • There are no gender hang-ups 


  • More of us live communally
  • A typical core family group size is 8 people instead of 2
  • These are members of our soul family
  • ‘Deceased’ family from your present life will join you in the 5th dimension 


  • Our circle of friends is much larger in 5-D
  • Thanks to a more unified consciousness, we easily bond with like-minded souls
  • Those who are different from us bond in separate groups, but we all love and respect each other 


  • We can teleport and fly
  • Machines are not required, but car/boat/plane enthusiasts many create vehicles for pleasure
  • All transportation is environmentally friendly (i.e. hover cars with zero emissions) 



  • There is no time; everything happens in the Now
  • We preview timelines before selecting the one(s) we choose to experience
  • It is always daytime, unless we choose to experience night
  • Our choice of time of day does not impact others 


  • Most regions enjoy a steady temperate of 24° C (75° F) but you can easily adjust the temperature
  • It is always sunny, unless you choose to experience other types of weather
  • You can experience a customized weather setting without affecting others

12 thoughts on “Life in the 5th Dimension

  • This is a very good list and I have gotten much of the same info – no need to eat, draw on energy directly, etc.

    I have known about the flying thing for quite some time and often think of it as levitation on steroids. Had to laugh when I heard Tom Kenyon’s Hathor contacts say that what that’s about is that 5D is not as dense, still feels every bit as physical to us when we are actually there, but there is no mass and hence no gravity. That put an exclamation point on the levitation on steroids info the Divine had given me.

    Please check out my new blog.

  • Thank you for your knowledge, higher self. You answered a burning question I had in regards seeing our departed ones from the third dimension, I felt this immense joy knowing I will see my beloved ones again in their love vibration (if they operated in low frequencies in the third dimension, if you know what I mean…) selves. Being at the fifth dimension, do you have to consciously manifesting our desires, dreams, goals, ect, or is already part of the unconsciousness and we don’t have to actively think about it? I’m starting my journey and since now I have to so wary of my thoughts (avoiding situations to lower my frequency) and actively spreading love when I’m in contact with others that I’m having issues attempting to fall sleep because I feel so much energy.

    • Thank you for your comments! I am glad I could be of assistance, Francisco. In answer to your question, in 5D we are consciousness creators who manifest purposefully. Given that so many of our manifestations here in third density are unconsciousness, it will be a refreshing change to have full awareness and control restored in 5D.

    • Hi Melaina,
      Thanks for your question. I have learned over the years how to travel through the multiverse via meditation and lucid dreaming. I also have vivid childhood memories of being in 5D. (I’m from the fifth dimensional Pleiades.)

      • Dear Clayhut, I really enjoy reading your blog, thank you for sharing with us your divine experiences. Would you have a chance to explain the meaning of Dimensional Pleiades? Also would you tell us more about your experiences in 5D, how did you know it was it and how did you achieve it? Thank you so much for your time.

        • Hi Alena,

          Thanks for your comment and questions.

          The term ‘dimensional Pleiades’ is actually truncated. It should read “5th dimensional Pleiades”. A dimension is a level of consciousness.

          The fifth dimension is whatever you want it to be. What I’ve described here is reflective of my experiences. You can manifest whatever you wish in the fifth.

          I am able to visit multiple dimensions of consciousness while I am deep in meditation and/or am lucid dreaming.

          If you’d like me to go on a soul journey with you to the fifth or beyond, I would be happy to get more specific insights for you. Here’s how to book a session:

          Love & Light,

  • Kristen

    To me, this description of 5D sounds like what I have always believed Heaven to be like. Does this mean that when we all transition to 5D that all of our physical bodies on Earth will “die”? Also, if we had a relationship with someone who passed away, but we were not yet married, will they be part of our soul group in 5D, or will they be with the family they had in 3D?

  • Akihiko

    Hi, I would like to be like that, but how can we live without shelter? Spending the time outside during the night ??

    • Hi Akihiko,
      We don’t have the same 3-D physical needs in 5-D. That being said, people create homes of all kinds for the enjoyment of them. As for night, in the upper levels of 5D, we have the ability to control atmospheric conditions. We understand that the external world is a reflection of our internal consciousness.

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