Spiritual Ascension: Graduation Day

By Kim Hutchinson

Part I: Awakening – Life is but a dream

In order to understand the ascension process, you must first understand that you are God. We all are. Your soul is a dream that God is having, and your current life is a dream that your soul is having. In truth, we are simply God experiencing God. This illusion of separation is both a novel and necessary experience, for it helps us to expand the parameters of All That Is. Our individual struggles and triumphs enrich the Oneness that is our true Being. It is within this state that we most readily grow, learn, and refine spiritually. We exist in this dream-within-a-dream state until we are ready to awaken. Ascension is that opportunity. Are you ready to awaken from the dream?

Part II: Preparation – Owning Your Power

Being awakened to the concept of life as a dream is very similar to the process of lucid dreaming. This is when you begin to realize that you are both the dream and the dreamer. You are becoming more conscious of your true Being, and this awareness elevates your vibration. The elevation in your consciousness and in your vibratory rate or frequency is the key to ascension. You begin to tune into different dreams and dreamers as your awareness shifts. Your expanded consciousness allows you to communicate with the many facets of your Being. You start to realize that you are a multidimensional being who is living many concurrent lives. The illusions of powerlessness, fragility, and mortality fall away as the full measure of your Being is realized. Your divinity becomes more and more undeniable. As the dream state illusions shatter, your ego’s fears are quietly replaced by the timeless wisdom of the heart. You release your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limitations in preparation for the next phase.

Part III: Ascension – Up, up, and away!

The ascension process is nothing to fear. It’s as familiar to your soul as the feeling of going Home. Each of us has already ascended many times. We do so each time we leave Earth and return Home to the Other Side. This type of ascension occurs when the soul leaves its Earthly vessel, the body, and we ascend in consciousness back to the exquisite beauty and perfection of Home. This Homecoming is a joyful experience, one which our soul wholeheartedly enjoys. We feel so free, so healed, so happy, and so profoundly close to God. Leaving the body and ascending in consciousness is both familiar and incredibly enjoyable. Ascension is always reason for celebration!

But, this isn’t the only type of ascension. Another will soon be available to all who desire it. Souls who are ready to graduate from this third dimensional school will ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Thousands of souls have gone before them, and these Ascended Masters act as loving guides and teachers for the students in this realm. The Ascended Masters are helping us prepare for the largest mass graduation, or ascension, in all Creation. Earth’s ascension coincides with that of other inhabited worlds. In fact, we will experience a universal graduation ceremony.

Our graduation date, which was set many millennium ago, is fast approaching. Earth’s population has swelled as souls busily finish their education here. Along with enlightened beings from other realms, there are many old souls, or alumni, here to assist with the ascension. Even loved ones and members of our soul family who are on the Other Side are excitedly preparing for our ascension. They know that we will soon be reunited. We are about to break through the veil that separates our realm from the higher, more loving and unified, levels of consciousness.

The real joy is in knowing that we don’t ever have to experience birth or death again. Once we graduate, we are free of the reincarnation cycle.

New graduates, or Ascended Masters, may choose to return to the school of life as teacher-guides, while other will explore the higher realms of consciousness. These are but two of your infinite options. Your soul will have complete freedom of choice, coupled with an eternity to explore all possibilities.

To prepare for your soul’s graduation, shift your consciousness to your heart, and then connect your heart to the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Do not worry about when or how the ascension will take place; instead, trust your soul to be your guide. Once you are through the process, an epic celebration awaits.

Congratulations, Graduate! You’ve ascended.

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