Dreaming in a New Year

By Steve Clayton

Once again another year is being born containing the same unlimited potential as the year that is quietly slipping away into the recesses of our minds. Once upon a time I used to make my list of resolutions knowing even as I wrote them I would not follow through on any of them. (Talk about rowing against the stream). Then a few years back I hit on the idea that I would make one final resolution that would last the rest of my life: my resolution was to make no resolutions. (I did so merrily).

This holiday season with its accompanying chaotic weather helped to center me in the moment and in more than a few of those selective moments I was blatantly (and gently) aware of the Love that surrounded me. There were Kim and Tux being Kim and Tux, their Spiritual Geometry creating a loving nest in the void that had once been me. There were family members who are not on board with what Kim and I believe, some are perhaps even a little frightened by these beliefs but they put that aside in the spirit of the season. There were friends, new and old, kept close through Facebook, whose light and love brought finishing touches of joy (and life) to a special time of year.

ChristmasMy birthday is Christmas Day and Kim, bless her heart, worries about my birthday being lost in the season. I, on the other hand, am grateful for the serendipitous series of events that allowed my birthday to occur when it did. We often hear of the Magic of Christmas, of goodwill towards all; if I am to be lost in a season, a time, then this is the one I would choose, and have chosen, to be lost in. (Like being in a dream).

Dreams are magical. So am I and so are you. We are just scratching the surface of the truth of this and, despite all the nay-saying; there is Light at the end of the tunnel. My dream for the New Year is very, very bright.

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