Naturopathic Consultation

With Steve Clayton

Healing the natural way

A Natural Approach

Address the root cause of dis-ease by promoting the body's natural healing abilities.

Holistic Wellness

A naturopathic consultation is a conversation about your holistic health and your healing and wellness goals. Instead of suppressing symptoms with medication, naturopathy uses them to understand and remedy their root cause.


Recommendations are based on integrative healing methods and healthy lifestyle changes, along with guidance on how best to maintain a state of wellness.

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Happy Clients

"Thank you so much Steve for listening to me, really listening with your heart. I can tell you are sincere in wanting to help me get better. The energy healing was a nice way to end our session. It took away my stress, so bless you."


"I know I've found my way of healing and it's not meds! Hurray! No more digestive problems, no more heartburn. My body feels very grounded, and my anxiety is totally not what it used to be. I have never slept better."

Bernie Boudreau

"Steve is a professional who truly believes in the services he provides. He performs all services in a highly professional manner with safety, confidentially and the highest and best interest of his clients at heart. Kudos on integrity."

Wes Cochrane