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Angel Coaching

How the angels help us live the life of our dreams

How Angels Coach Us

Kim shares two personal stories showing you how angels can help you realize your dreams.

Angels of the Sea

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve mermaids. When adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I mainly answered, "A mermaid!", although sometimes I would change it up by saying, "A siren". I loved being in the water, so much so my family likened me to a fish. As a kid I would spend hours in the ocean or sitting at the bottom of a pool. I truly believed I could breathe underwater and communicate with whales and dolphins. I found such peace being immersed in water. Being a mermaid was as real a goal to me as any other. That is why I crushed to discover that humans didn't actually believe in merpeople. The mermaid, like the unicorn and other magical beings, was relegated to the domain of fairy tales. My connection with the mystical mer realm diminished with time until I had all but forgotten my 'childish' whim.

Many years later, I was visited by angels, and they directed me to Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy online show. I quickly discovered, to my utter delight, that Doreen was a fellow mermaid at heart. At this time, old memories began to surface of previous incarnations as a mermaid, most notably in Atlantis. I went on to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and now I work with angels of all realms, including the beautiful sea angels called mermaids. I was thrilled to discover than my mermaid career goal was indeed realistic. That is why I happily share my mermaid story with my clients as a way of demonstrating to them that magic is real, and that our childhood memories, no matter how improbable, hold the key to our life's purpose.

Lesson: Don't abandon your childhood dreams, no matter how improbable they may seem. They contain within them a seed of your soul memories. If you need help discovering the meaning of these dreams, ask the angels to guide you.

Archangel Ariel to the Rescue

Archangel Arial was instrumental in helping us establish our healing centre. When it looked as though we wouldn't get the necessary development permit, Kim called on the angels for help. Suddenly, floating above the head of the town planning officer, appeared Archangel Ariel in all her splendour. The planning officer suddenly switched gears; he went from arguing against our proposed healing centre to arguing in favour of it.

Lesson: Don't be afraid to call on Ariel for help with your own holistic, spiritual or artist ventures.

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