Ascension Signs

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By Kim Hutchinson Ascension messages are flowing in daily. The following two messages were received this week. One came from the clouds; the other, from a dream. The messages are clear: something big is happening. Can you feel the excitement? Dragon Energy Upgrades On Tuesday, I was in my backyard getting my daily dose of […]

Ascension Waves Vision

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By Kim Hutchinson There’s a buzz on the internet these days. Many people are sharing visions of our upcoming transition into the fifth dimension. The common theme foretells of three waves washing over the planet.  Although I believe that the prophesized waves are comprised of light rather than water, this calls to mind several visions […]

Own Your Body

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By Kim Hutchinson During a recent conversation with my higher self, I received an unexpected message. She told me to “own my body”. I spent the day wondering what exactly that meant. Honouring Your Body’s Wisdom I still was mulling over the advice when Steve started telling me about a friend’s experience in hospital. While […]

Spiritual awakening and ascension

Ascension Symptoms: Spring 2016

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By Kim Hutchinson Physical If you have been feeling less-than-stellar lately but can’t identify the cause, chances are you’ve got ‘ascension flu’. Despite the name, this doesn’t mean that you’re sick. Ascension flu has similar symptoms to the real flu, but the cause is not viral. It means you are experiencing physical sensations in your […]

Ascension Vision

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[responsivevoice_button] By Kim Hutchinson Several weeks ago, during meditation, I had a vivid and inspiring vision of leaving the Earth. As I moved deeper into space I inflated massively in size. At the same time, I watched the Earth shrinking away until she was no more than a beautiful jeweled sphere smack-dab in the middle […]

A Cosmic Love Story

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By Steve Clayton I met him so very long ago now I sometimes forget the where and the how As my sisters and I strove up above To fulfill our purpose, to spread the Love. For when form was formless one thing came true Love reached a plateau where nothing was new. Love had thought […]

Incoming Light Energy Upgrades

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By Steve Clayton An Unexpected Rest Stop Yesterday morning in the middle of a steady rain I repeatedly received the message to go outside and mediate with the elm tree in our backyard. I did my best to ignore it but finally realized there was a message awaiting me, so out I went. After settling […]

Multidimensional Consciousness

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By Kim Hutchinson This is truly a wondrous time to be on Planet Earth. Ascension is in high gear, and positive changes abound. As the energy continues to rise, so too does our collective consciousness. We are becoming more aware of life outside our planet and solar system. We are reaching out into the vast […]

Mother Earth Talks Ascension

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By Kim Hutchinson In previous articles, I have channeled other sources about the ascension. These include Archangel Raziel, Archangel Michael and Mother God . Today, I am talking with Mother Earth. Mother Earth, please tell us what we need to know about this ascension. In the past, ascension was individual experience. This time it is […]

Self-Care Through the Shift

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By Kim Hutchinson What on Earth is happening? Many people have been feeling out of sorts since the start of the year. We have been going through MAJOR energetic upgrades. First we went through an intense purge which helped to clear away mental and emotional debris. It also brought many health conditions to a head. This […]

Ascension Wisdom from Mother God

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By Kim Hutchinson For a change of pace, I decided to channel Mother God, the Feminine Aspect of the Divine. Her energy was so relaxing! I felt almost weightless both during and after the session. So did my husband and dog. Mother God not only mellowed us out, but she also shared some wonderful wisdom. […]

Ascension or Bust

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By Kim Hutchinson Some people are saying that the ascension was a bust and has gone the way of Y2K. I can understand their perspective. It seemingly hasn’t come to fruition. Or has it? I know I certainly feel different since Dec. 21/12. I shifted from my head to my heart, and now I look […]