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Overcoming Ego Fear

Each of us has an ego. It is the part of our consciousness that believes it is separate from others. Our avatars help to enforce the notion of individuality. In truth, however, we are Source dreaming of being human. The ego is blocked from knowing this by a form of spiritual amnesia. That causes us to suffer at times from feeling alone and vulnerable. Here are some techniques to help with the ego’s insecurities.

Perception of Separation from Source

The primary fear the ego faces is feeling cut off from Source. It wants to be sure that it isn’t alone in this world so it monitors everyone around it. During this process, it perceives inequality due to the diversity of life paths. These differences mean there will always be perks and privileges enjoyed by some but not by all. While the soul understands and appreciates the learning opportunities inherent in diversity, the ego finds these differences unsettling. The ego’s reactions are based on a faulty illusion of lack and inequality. There is no separation or lack in the world. We could never detach from Source for we are all expressions of Source energy, and Source is infinite. No matter how diverse or separate we appear, we all carry the Divine spark of creation within us, and that energy is, and always will be, one perfect harmonious energy field.

To help soothe your ego fear of separation, try viewing it ego as a frightened child. When it feels uncomfortable, it acts out. The trick is not to allow your inner child self (a.k.a. the shadow self) to make your decisions for you. Instead, take control of the situation and demonstrate to your ego-child that you are its loving parent. Ask all aspects of your being (mind, body, soul) to encompass your ego. Continue this visualization until you see your ego shrink down to the size and appearance of an infant, then envision your soul embracing your ego lovingly like a parent holding a newborn. Your ego fears and all their off-shoots will calm down because you are giving your ego what it truly wants – love.

Time Stress

When we think of ego fears, we often overlook the number one cause of stress today: time, or rather a lack thereof. To the ego, this life is all that exists. It is acutely aware of the passing minutes, months and years of our life on Earth. The ego is cognizant only of the human condition. Given that limited perspective, it’s no wonder the ego fears a lack of time. In reality, the concept of time is an artificial construct of the human mind. The real reason we use time is to measure the space between desire and fulfillment. In the upper realms, we manifest our needs instantly, so that is why time does not exist outside this dimension. As we ascend, we will be able to shed the stress associated with time by reclaiming our inherent manifestation abilities. Even the ego’s fear of death is based on illusion, for the soul is eternal. We never die; we merely shape-shift.

To break the hold that time has over you, stop wearing a watch. You will quickly come to discover that your internal ‘clock’ is very accurate and reliable and it is free of fear. Also, stop counting birthdays. Certainly enjoy your special day but don’t obsess about the number of candles on your cake. Age truly is a state of mind. If you feel old, you are. If on the other hand, you remain active and interested in life, you can turn back the hands of time.

Resistance to Ascension

The ego may also fear ascension for the same reason as it fears death: it thinks it will disappear. In reality, the ego is a gift from Source that allows us to experience uniqueness. Upon return Home, we do not lose that uniqueness for our experiences and our life lessons remain. We are all unique aspects of the Creator. Once Home, our energies co-mingle as we rejoin the oneness of spirit. But we do not lose our unique imprint.

To help your ego understand, think of an assembly of one million people. If you were to take a photograph of that assembly from a satellite, the group would appear to be one giant mass. Within that impressively large mass there is a proliferation of uniqueness. It may look like one unit, but it is instead a mass of one million unique souls, all standing shoulder-to-shoulder, with no visible division between souls. So, in other words, the higher the perspective the less space divides us. We are, essentially, one; and yet, within that one, we are also unique. That uniqueness is preserved through the retention of our life experiences. In this way, the ego never dies. It merely loses its number one fear: separation.


  • Kim Hutchinson

    Kim is a highly empathic Multidimensional Healer who journeys with souls to higher realms to help them reconnect with their perfection. Kim and husband Steve Clayton created in 2008 to provide holistic care for people, pets, and places worldwide. Additionally, Kim's writing has been featured in several publications including Newsweek Magazine's Spiritual Living Special Edition.

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