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We have been writing about spiritual topics since 2008. Here are two popular articles:

Pop culture would have us believe that a soulmate is the perfect romantic partner. While it’s true that soulmates can make the best partners, the pairing isn’t necessarily romantic in nature. Soulmates can play any role in your life including family members, colleagues, schoolmates, neighbours, strangers and yes, lovers. A soulmate is a person whose soul has a strong connection to your soul. Soulmate connections can be described in one of three ways: soul families, soul groups and twin flames. [READ MORE]

Timeline jumping refers to the shifting of awareness from one series of possibilities to another. If you are in one timeline and you do not like how things are unfolding, then you can move to another timeline in which your dreams are more attainable. That’s because life makes use of all possibilities. Simply put, every version of events plays out. [READ MORE]