Does Your Aura Need a Shave?

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By Kim Hutchinson Something unusual happened yesterday during one of my Multi-Dimensional Healing and Guidance sessions. While in a lucid dream state, I was facilitating a remote healing for a person who was experiencing emotional duress. Archangel Michael was assisting with the process of clearing her energy field. Ordinarily, Michael’s tool of choice is a […]

Q&A with Archangel Michael about Ascension

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By Kim Hutchinson The following answers were provided by Archangel Michael during my most recent channeling session. I hope these alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the topic of ascension. If not, please feel free to send me your questions for the next article. Question: When will we ascend? Archangel Michael: Ascension is on-going […]

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Ascension Updates with Archangel Michael

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By Kim Hutchinson As a preview for my upcoming talk called “Archangels & Ascension: Q&A Session with Kim and the Angels”, scheduled for April 14th, I sat down with Archangel Michael today and channelled his wisdom regarding the latest ascension symptoms. Here is the information he shared: Kim: “I’ve been experiencing vertigo all week. It […]

Messages from Archangel Michael

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By Kim Hutchinson Archangel Michael just gave me sage advice, and I thought I would share his wisdom with you: Trust Yourself Above All: Be more discerning where others are concerned. Just because someone claims to be altruistic doesn’t mean they are not personally motivated. Everyone has a personal agenda. You have impeccable senses. Heed […]