Leap of Faith

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By Kim Hutchinson The theme of owning one’s power keeps coming up in my healings, readings and conversations. As a response to encouraging people to stand in their power, I am frequently met with unbridled fear. Never have I had so many people in such crisis over the same issue. This is obviously a collective […]

Walking the Walk

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By Steve Clayton Spending my first decade in the sixties, I was surrounded by people walking the walk as the Hippie movement had blossomed all around me. I was too young to understand much of the significance of what was happening but I do recall a lot of happiness around me. The music was rich, […]

To Tell the Truth

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By Steve Clayton Yet another month has passed quickly by as time is want to do these days! October was a beautiful and busy month as well as an exciting one. October 28 marked the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar which is the terminus of a couple of galactic cycles and the beginning […]

Seekers: Own Your Power

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By Kim Hutchinson Last week Steve and I attended a four-day intensive Living in the Heart workshop. In addition to experiencing tremendous healing, I came away with a strong message resonating in my heart: “Own your power!”. As the ascension nears and our world shifts at remarkable speed, people are awakening in increasingly large numbers. […]