What Exactly IS Healing?

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By Kim Hutchinson Recently, I received an email from a woman asking me to explain the healing process specifically, what to expect post-healing. She wondered if healing could cure her husband of Diabetes. I started to write an email in reply, but it grew into the following article. I’m sharing this in hopes that it helps […]


Healing Comes From Love

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Love Yourself First

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Truth, Heart, Love

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Seeking the Truth Feeling uncertain; not sure of the path you’re on? Quietly listen. Your body’s feelings are a communication from your heart and soul and neither will steer you wrong. Trust your inner wisdom. Though you feel alone, the path that your heart follows was laid long ago. Thus, your human half must trust […]

State of Being

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By Steve Clayton Well, October is here already! September was a great month and October is promising to be even better with all the predicted (and unpredicted!) energy shifts. If, however, you are in the process of awakening, you may find the various energy fluctuations unnerving, uncomfortable, off-putting or downright unpleasant. Ride the wave; it gets […]

Ascending in Love

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By Kim Hutchinson There’s no doubt that the world we know is rapidly changing. People are rising up against dictators. Stunning technological breakthroughs occur almost daily. An unprecedented number of UFO sightings have been reported by major news agencies worldwide. The population is exploding. The Earth’s magnetic poles are on the move. Climatic changes are […]

A Change of Heart

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An amazing thing has happened this past month. The world I know has been filled with an ever increasing amount of love. My last article drew responses referring to it as a ‘love letter’, a ‘love article’, and a ‘love fest’. In the article I simply thanked everyone who helped make the Wellness Expo a […]

Feel the Love!

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By Kim Hutchinson As the angels promised, a wave of love blanketed our planet on February 14th thereby helping a heart-based consciousness to take root. The energy came peacefully and without fanfare in the wee hours of the morning as most lay sleeping unaware. Even though it didn’t feel the way I had anticipated, I […]

All You Need Is Love

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By Steve Clayton Perhaps the Beatles knew more than they were letting on when they came out with this song in the early 60s. In at least one earlier news letter I talked about how there are two motivating forces at work in our lives; love and fear. Fear is merely the absence of love […]

The True Spirit of Valentine’s Day

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By Kim Hutchinson The month of love is upon us, and with it comes mixed blessings. For some, Valentine’s Day signifies a day filled with red roses, chocolates and romance. For others though, the day feels contrived, commercialized and exclusionary. How then do we reconcile the two sides of this holiday? It is our sincere […]

New Love Celebration

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By Kim Hutchinson This is a time of great transformation in your love life. For those of you who are single, you are moving towards attracting a new love partner, the likes of whom you have never before encountered. This new partner will surpass your expectations. If you are already in a committed loving relationship, […]

Let Yourself Receive Love

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By Kim Hutchinson The angels want you to open yourself up to receiving the abundance of love that is all around you. Be receptive to the loving care that others offer. On the surface, this seems like an easy thing to do; after all, who doesn’t want to be loved? However, if you are honest […]