The Effects of Living in a High Consciousness Field

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By Kim Hutchinson For the past two years, Steve and I have been experimenting with an intriguing technology that creates, and sustains, a high consciousness field. I’m excited to share with you our experience. Creating a Healing Sanctuary As energy healers, we have a heightened awareness of the vibration in our home. Our healing room […]

Own Your Body

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By Kim Hutchinson During a recent conversation with my higher self, I received an unexpected message. She told me to “own my body”. I spent the day wondering what exactly that meant. Honouring Your Body’s Wisdom I still was mulling over the advice when Steve started telling me about a friend’s experience in hospital. While […]

Integrating Higher Frequencies

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By Kim Hutchinson April was another energetically active and intense month. It started on a high note as a huge wave of positivity descended upon us. That same week ushered in the Full Blood Moon and second eclipse of this incredible season. The energy felt light, frothy and joyous, albeit a tad intoxicating and dizzying. Week two, […]

No Holds Barred

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By Steve Clayton “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet At the risk of embarrassing Kim, but I have to share what she said to me at lunch. It began like this: “Yesterday, when I was in the bathtub with Metatron…” (FYI, Kim does […]

Shift in Consciousness: Oct. 22-28, 2011

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By Kim Hutchinson We are in the midst of global and galactic changes that herald the dawning of a Golden Age. Many, like Mayan scholar Carl Johan Calleman, believe that this is the End of Time, meaning time and our measurement of the creation cycle, ends this Friday (October 28). Earth’s vibrational energy is being […]