Earthquake or Ascension Portal?

By Kim Hutchinson Last night I was awakened by a strange phenomenon […]

Ascension or Bust

By Kim Hutchinson Some people are saying that the ascension was a […]

12-21-12: The Golden Age Returns

By Kim Hutchinson When I was meditating this a.m. I heard two […]

Galactic Alignment – Be in Your Heart

December 21, 2012 11:11 Universal Time (1:11 a.m. here in the Canadian […]

Transformation and the Year of the Dragon

By Kim Hutchinson On January 23, the year of the Dragon arrived, […]

Ascension Update: Jan. 2012

By Kim Hutchinson Well, the big year is upon us! After so […]

The Wonder Year

By Steve Clayton 2012 is upon us and definitely has every one […]

2012 Bumper Stickers designed by Kim

2012 by clayhut

Ascension 2012: January 2010 Update

By Kim Hutchinson The Cessation of Stress and the Rooting of New […]

When the Moon is in….

By Steve Clayton Once again it is time for my article for […]

When the Moon is in….

Once again it is time for my article for the newsletter and […]