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Your High Heart, the Eighth Chakra

High heart

“…a million generations removed from expectations of who you really wanted to be.”

So says Jethro Tull in the song ‘Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day’. I have always been intrigued by the title of that song. Every day dawns with the hope of a new beginning; brings us another chance to make our dreams come true or to make peace with life so far. In last month’s article I talked about taking the time to ‘be’; to find one’s true self. Of course there are philosophers out there who would remind me that there is no such thing as ‘Being’ there is only ‘Becoming’ as everything in the universe is always in a constant state of change. At the same time we are constantly reminded that the more things change the more they stay the same. This leaves us with the conundrum that the only constant in the universe is change; it is enough to make one’s head spin. If I remember correctly, but do not quote me on this, I think it was Camus who said “life is absurd and the only sensible thing to do is embrace its absurdity”. As much as I have, quietly, enjoyed philosophy over the years I am reaching the point where I want to tell philosophers to get over themselves, get out of their heads and get into their hearts. Even if it is for a brief moment it would do them well; perhaps they would be able to see the ‘forest’ or stop throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The most important thing anyone, not just philosophers, can learn by getting into their heart is that there is one constant in the universe that does not change. That constant is Love. If you, as I have already suggested, take the time to be, to discover the real you, what you will discover is your soul. Don’t roll your eyes, don’t mock just be persistent. Your soul is there patiently awaiting its rediscovery by you. You two had a plan, a mission, before you came here. Your mission once you chose to accept it was to help with the expansion of the universe by your unique experiences here as well as to continue the perfection of your soul. Some of you may be wondering ‘well if that is the case why does my life seem such a mess?’ The easy answer is ‘How do you know that your life being a mess isn’t part of the plan?’

If that answer doesn’t satisfy you look at it this way. Part of your soul comes here picks up an Ego to help it survive in this foreign environment along with Free Will so that your time here is not predetermined. Armed with these two qualities {which are not so much a pair as a mob ;-)} you are now equipped and ready to face life with all its inequities. No matter what you encounter during your life you always have a choice about how you can react. Positively or negatively, with Love or without Love, these are your choices. Now the latter is often the easier of the two while the former may elicit a little or a lot of effort on your behalf. At least this is what we are often led to believe; that doing the right thing is difficult.

I’m here to suggest to you that this is a fallacy. When you reconnect with your soul; when you remember that you are Love created by Love so that you can grow in Love, life becomes much easier. When you rediscover your soul and know in your heart of hearts that we all are connected, that everything is connected through a common energy – energy that springs from Love – then the trappings of the Ego and Free Will lose their allure. Do not take my word for this. Meditate or do whatever it takes to find your true self. Do it openly, do it freely, do it without expectation, do it out of Love for yourself and you will discover both who you really are and the true meaning of life. For with this discovery you will ascend to your Eighth Chakra, be reconnected to your High Heart, and realize what being eternal is all about.

In Love and Light,


Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. (Insurance receipts provided for in-person healings.) For more information, or to book a healing, please visit clayhuthealing.ca

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