Why Bad Things Happen in a Loving Universe

By Kim Hutchinson

yin and yangWhen tragedy happens, people frequently experience confusion, fear, and a loss of faith. They ask, “If God is Love, then how could S/He let this happen?” The simple answer is: Polarity.

Shadow Enhances the Light

We knew before incarnating that we were coming to a world of polarized experiences. In fact, we were excited about this opportunity. After all, without the polarity, how could we ever fully understand the true nature of our Being? If all you’ve ever known is unconditional Love, how do you truly appreciate it, and not simply take it for granted? There’s nothing like hatred, prejudice, violence and narcissism to make you relish the Loving Oneness that is Home. How can you begin to comprehend the mind-boggling concept of eternity until you have experienced death? How do define Light without understanding the dark? So, you see, you voluntarily came here to experience tragedy in order to better understand and appreciate your soul’s nature.

Divine Plan

No matter what happens here on Earth, we are part of a grand plan. Everyone is an expression of the divine.  Each of us is like a thread in a giant tapestry. Even Team Dark, with all their evil enterprises, is from Source and has an important function. They’re here to cast shadows so that we can better see our Light. Without their contrast, we would never be able to fully appreciate or comprehend our divinity.

Propels Us into the Light

The contrast of this polarity creates an energetic dynamic. The clash of ideologies and actions creates momentum that can fuel a person’s spiritual quest. When you push away from the darkness, you propel yourself higher into the Light. That is why humanity is at our best immediately following a tragedy. The darkness gives rise to the Light in our heart as we reach out to help one another. Tragedies often bring us together and elicit unconditional acts of love.

Cheer for the Good Guys

If you’re having a hard time with the concept of everyone playing an essential role in this divine drama, try thinking of the evil doers as actors in a movie who are trying to sabotage the heroes. These souls agreed to play the role of characters we revile. They make the story line more interesting by creating friction. They give us reason to cheer for the good guys and they strengthen Team Light’s resolve to do the right thing. Having tension to resolve, and darkness to push against, turns life into an action-adventure-drama which, at times, keeps us emotionally on the edge of our seats.

Soul’s Education

It is because God is Love that we are here experiencing the full gamut of emotions. God lives in all of us, and that collective divinity created this polarity experiment in order to better understand unconditional Love. We are here of our own accord, partaking in this polarity experiment of our own creation, in order to master vital lessons that will forever enrich our soul. Everyone on Earth is both our teacher and our student, and absolutely everything that happens here is a valuable soul lesson. The hard lessons you learn here will forever magnify your appreciation for your true life as a spark of the divine.

Only a Dream

Life is but a dream…or a hologram, whichever analogy works best for you. As soon as we withdraw our consciousness from this temporal plane, we immediately are healed by the omnipresent unconditional and vast Love that is our true essence. All the trauma and horrors of this life vanish in a flash, and we know the purpose for everything and everyone in our life. This is why our collective highest self, a.k.a. God / Creator, ‘lets’ bad things happen here. We are never truly in any danger. We are, at most, having a nightmare, from which we will eventually awaken.

We All Go Home Together

At the end of this experiment, all souls go Home together. Yes, that includes Team Dark. They too are from Source. Hard as it is to believe, everyone and everything is ultimately Source energy. Trust that your soul knows exactly why everything happens, and just go with the flow of your spirit.

It will all make sense when you wake up.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit clayhuthealing.ca

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