When the Moon is in….

By Steve Clayton

moonOnce again it is time for my article for the newsletter and I am literally amazed at how quickly November is passing by. For a second I thought my bubble meditations were producing opposite results from those I had intended đŸ˜‰ , but, as a vast number of people are also commenting on how November is flying by, I can push that thought out of my head.

I was originally going to use this space to rant against the latest blockbuster (quite literally) 2012. I’m certain it is a marvel of special effects and action shots best appreciated on the large screen but, as for validity, I am appalled by how far it misses the mark. The true meaning of 2012, quite simply, is the culmination of spiritual ascension for those who are open and ready for the next step in our evolution. 2012 is a doorway or portal into the fifth dimension. This window of opportunity is open to everyone alive today and many of us are actively working on our own preparation as well as helping others get ready. Many people are noticing changes and shifts in the world around them. As a living organism the Earth is also ascending. People are noticing a difference in themselves at their very core without being aware of what is happening or its significance.

Here are a couple quick examples:

– A friend of mind plays in a Heavy Metal band and is troubled by bouts of feeling two dimensional. His creativity in his music, writing and thinking, abandons him without warning.

– Another friend, a devout follower of Islam her whole life, is suddenly questioning her faith and not in a positive way that will allow her to grow as a spiritual human being, but instead in a more negative, almost self destructive way.

– I, myself, have daydreamed of abandoning my path despite being overjoyed to have finally found my path after almost fifty years of searching.

– Others are telling me they are having mercurial mood swings for which they have no explanations, and they worry as these swings are often accompanied by anger, sadness, fear and depression that seem out of proportion to the events triggering them.

As I mentioned above, the Earth is also under going her own shift and, as all our energies are interconnected, we are feeling the effects of the earth’s shift along with our own; a double whammy so to speak. This is nothing to be alarmed about and, with the right frame of mind (and heart), these shifts in the paradigms of our world can be taken in stride.  I am aware there are some of you thinking, “How can he claim to be of ‘right mind’ while seriously discussing portals to another dimension?” But hear me out, for the answer is eloquently simple. We are all Children of the Light. We have free will. We can choose light over darkness, love over fear. When you are feeling irrationally irritated, angry or depressed, stop and take stock of the situation. Remind yourself you are a Child of the Light. Center and fill yourself with Love and Light. Do a grounding meditation or whatever meditation works for you. Forgive yourself and others for slipping into the human habit of being reactive rather than proactive. There is nothing so dark within us, or the world, that the Light cannot penetrate and disperse. Accept the fact you have a soul, and allow it to shine. If you do not believe this will allow you to ‘ascend’, believe that it will make your life a much happier and rewarding experience for yourself and those around you.

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