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Unblocking Your Manifestation Power

By Kim Hutchinson

goldFor those of you who have been faithfully following this column (bless you!), perhaps you remember me sharing our manifestation techniques last December. At that time, Steve and I were enthusiastically adhering to the tenants of manifestation as we understood them. Initially we enjoyed a degree of success. Some small monetary gains came our way, and we took those unexpected sources of income to be signs of a larger windfall readily approaching. We were sure we had hit the jackpot of spiritually-generated prosperity. Then something odd happened…

We had no sooner shared our initial successes with you when, to our minds, the universe rolled up its red carpet and kicked us to the curb. Gone was our unexpected financial assistance. With our credit cards maxed-out; creditors hounding us for money, and our paltry investments all but wiped out by the volatile market, we began to think we were going about this manifestation business all wrong. Then, after many discussions with my angels (heavenly and earthly), I came to realize three major factors were preventing us from receiving blessings:

  • We had blockages that prevented us from receiving.
  • We saw ourselves as separate from Source.
  • We were so focused on money that we missed the cornucopia of gifts that continued to flow to us.

These revelations took us by surprise. We had successfully hidden from ourselves the thought processes that created the debts we were trying to eradicate. Our respective egos were doing everything in their power to keep us servile through fear. The ego knows that we are easier to control when we are not inspired. So, how did we overcome these hurdles?

We recognized that learning to receive is a spiritual lesson.

  • God’s energy is in everything, including money.
  • Abundance is the natural state of God; lack is an egoic state of mind.

We shifted our perception of Source as being an outside force to seeing us interconnected with everything in the universe, including prosperity.

  • You do not have to petition or bargain with God for blessings.
  • The power that manifests your desires is sensitive to your thoughts.
  • The universe is benign; it does not play favourites.

We stopped micromanaging Source, and gratefully allowed the gifts to flow to us exactly as the universe intended.

  • You cannot put a timeline on Source, nor can you dictate how your prayers will be answered.
  • You will not receive more until you gratefully acknowledge what you have.

If you find yourself in a similar financial predicament, and are feeling frustrated, frightened, stressed or overwhelmed, ask your angels what thought processes are holding you back. Chances are you will be as surprised as we were to discover your hidden blockages. The good news is you can undo these outmoded ways of thinking, especially with the angels’ help. So, instead of buying into the concept of a recession, envision prosperity for you and everyone else in the world. If enough of us believe in the bounty of Spirit, imagine the kind of world we could create!

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

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