Truth, Heart, Love

Seeking the Truth

meditationFeeling uncertain;
not sure of the path you’re on?
Quietly listen.
Your body’s feelings
are a communication
from your heart and soul
and neither will steer you wrong.
Trust your inner wisdom.

Though you feel alone,
the path that your heart follows
was laid long ago.
Thus, your human half
must trust discord is vital
for your soul to grow.

On its endless search for truth
the mind over-thinks.
The heart feels the truth within.

The Divine Neutral
judges not along its path of

The Wisdom of the Heart

heartThe heart follows Love;
the mind defaults into fear.
Follow the heart’s lead.

The heart knows the truth;
the mind succumbs to illusion.
Stay centered in your heart.

Within your heart’s secret space
resonates a sound,
the unique tone of your soul.

Seek out your heart’s secret space,
for the heart is healing.
A miracle waits within.

Infinite imagination
makes all possible
for the uninhibited heart.

Following your heart
changes all relationships.
Be brave; you will survive.

Deep within your heart
sits an endless well of Love
waiting to be freed.

You Are Love

We-Are-OneAgape Love…
Knowing and loving
(despite our imperfections)
that we are all One.

When you love yourself
you love the whole world.
All life is connected.

You are indeed Love
beneath all the human trappings.
Love is your essence.

Innocence and gentleness,
so undervalued,
strongest pillars of life, Love


I am who I am
who I am is eternal
unconditional Love

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