Truth: A Subjective Impression of Being

By Kim Hutchinson

I asked Archangel Michael if something I had witnessed in my mind’s eye was real, and his response was to ask me if I wanted it to be real.

perspectiveAs he explained, everything that we believe is real is indeed real. Reality is completely subjective. There is no one reality. We decide for ourselves what ‘truths’ are worth keeping and what we choose to discard. Our version of reality is simply the frame through which we perceive our world. If the frame is narrow, then our scope is small.

Young children, as well as beings who are new to this 3-D world, will often start with a small frame in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the scope of possibilities. They prefer their world to be small and easy to comprehend, therefore they tend to see things in black and white rather than acknowledging the infinite shades of grey in between.

Older souls tend to be more ‘open-minded’ because their frame of reference is wider. People who think outside the box have thrown their frame away altogether.

So, how do you see the world?

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