The Third Wave Awakens a ReLOVEution

By Kim Hutchinson


Big Changes

Two months ago, I received a message from my angelic guides. They told me, “The time for playing it safe and cloaking yourself is over. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Go big!” Well, they weren’t kidding! Big, BIG changes are happening now.

As if to validate the angels’ message, I had a second UFO sighting a couple weeks ago.

Solar Flares

The Sun has been very active this past week, emitting significant solar flares which peaked on October 27th and 28th. As you might imagine, solar flares have a fiery effect on us. Depending on your level of sensitivity, you may experience anxiety, irritability, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes, headaches, short-term memory loss and exhaustion. On the positive side, these electromagnetic solar storms increase our creative drive, and the light from the Sun contains information that accelerates our spiritual awakening. 

The Third Wave Awakens

People who previously believed in, and staunchly defended, the 3-D paradigm are now expanding their field of awareness to encompass a wider spectrum of information. The group that is now rapidly and dramatically shifting represents the third and final wave of awakening.

–     First Wave: These are the spiritual pioneers (teachers, healers, explorers and guides) who helped anchor the higher frequencies here on Earth. They broke new ground and paved the way for the Second Wave. 

–     Second Wave: This is, by far, the biggest group, and its composition is primarily female. Their awakening peaked this past year, and the process of remembering happened very quickly, thanks to the abundance of information and guidance provided by the First Wavers.

–     Third Wave: The third and final group is predominantly male. These are the anchors who are helping to maintain a stable foundation while the others two groups stretch into the higher dimensions. The Third Wave’s awakening is very exciting as this indicates the nearing of the end of the awakening process.

Talking about a ReLOVEution 

A wonderful example of the third wave awakening is English comedian and actor Russell Brand. In a recent interview with Jeremy Paxman of the BBC’s Newsnight, Brand called for a revolution to overhaul our political system which has created a “disenfranchised, disillusioned underclass”. Brand went on to say, “I don’t get my authority from this pre-existing paradigm which is quite narrow and only serves a few people”. His call for a change in consciousness resonated deeply with many. If you missed the interview, you can watch online:

Another powerful spiritual icon who speaks of a consciousness-shifting revolution is Andrew Bartzis, known as the Galactic Historian. Andrew’s reading of the Akashic Records shows that the coming paradigm shift will be preceded by mass, worldwide protests. From my perspective, this makes sense. The birth of unity consciousness on this planet won’t come from complacency. We must unplug from the Matrix by rejecting the current status quo while at the same time holding the love and joy of the new consciousness in our hearts. This is indeed a re-LOVE-ution. If you’re not familiar with Andrew, check out his richly informative and fascinating video series on Galactic History:  

Break Free of the Corporate Media Agenda

This past week, I’ve had several vivid dreams about the collapse of the global systems. In the dreams, the police and military were trying to herd people into public buildings “for their safety”. There is a great deal of fear around the idea of a societal collapse, which is what I picking up on at night in my dreams. The media, especially in Hollywood, has done a stellar job of highlighting worst-case scenarios. Just look at the number of post-apocalyptic disaster movies. The Powers That Be (or is that Were?) are doing their best to keep us subservient through fear and heavy-handed tactics. This is why it is vitality important not to get embroiled in the fear-inducing misdirection that you see in the media. 

In 1967, Timothy Leary invited Hippies to “Turn on, tune in, drop out”. This counterculture phrase encouraged cultural changes through the use of psychedelics and by detaching themselves from the existing conventions and hierarchies in society. You don’t need drugs to achieve detachment from the current corporate agenda. You just need to tune out their broadcasts. Here are a few suggestions:

–     TV: For years I felt anxious while watching TV. I didn’t realize at the time where the negativity originated. Recently, we made the happy choice to cancel our TV/Satellite subscription. We now only watch Netflix. This allows us to control our media input, while eliminating the negative effects of advertising, news bulletins, and the fear-based energy that flows in with the TV broadcast signal.

–     News: Several years ago, also we cancelled our newspaper subscription. It’s amazing how little we miss it. We choose now to receive our news via the internet. Even then, we’re selective about the news sources (i.e. avoiding mainstream media sites). No matter the source, we always bear in mind that everyone has an agenda.

–     Internet: As mentioned above, choose your websites carefully. Every perspective is represented on the Net. Be careful not to get sucked into negativity and fear, and be even more vigilant about spreading fear. Ask your higher self to validate a story’s merits before sharing.

–     Wi-Fi/Cell/EMFs: In our society, people are bombarded daily by disruptive radiation from wireless internet signals, satellite and cellular phone feeds, and microwave towers. Try shutting off your electronics at night (i.e. wireless router and cell phone) to see if you sleep better.

Less time spent outwardly distracted means more time for spiritual introspection, so turn off the tele, unplug the Wi-Fi and spend some quiet time in peaceful meditation. 

Prosperity Consciousness

On a positive note, the awakening of the third and final group means that the first wave can begin anchoring their energies in the fifth dimension, and that is what I have been feeling this month. Two weeks ago, I experienced a subtle yet discernible internal shift. I had moved away from lack consciousness and into abundance consciousness.

Since starting my spiritual awakening journey, I have struggled with the concepts of money and materialism. I tried to live on Love and Light alone, but I never did learn how to manifest consistently. Now my relationship with the material world has shifted. I can’t say how or why, only that my consciousness has locked onto prosperity. I cannot accept any other reality but prosperity. This makes sense when you realize that abundance is the natural state of Spirit. It actually takes work and effort to create the illusion of lack. The illusion in the 3-D realm is well-established hence its power over our consciousness; but, once you shift to a higher frequency, the illusion disappears.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, take heart…it will. Once your consciousness is rooted in the 5th dimension you will effortlessly attract abundance.

Go Big!

As the angels’ message says, it’s time to really put yourself ‘out there’ spiritually. It’s vitally important that you be your authentic self. Don’t hold back; now is your time to shine! As the Hopi Elders say, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

2 thoughts on “The Third Wave Awakens a ReLOVEution

  1. Bless you so much, as always. I enjoy your emails and thanks so much for enlightening me. I’ve been having lots of migraines and nausea from the 27th on – came out of no where… now I know why. I thought it was the upcoming new moon, but it makes sense it was the solar flares. Hoping for better feeling of health now.

    I will be brave to be myself, my spiritual self, my Starseed self, and set an example for others. It’s hard when my normal is so different from others, but I do my best to lead by example. You and the Angelic Realm have given me strength and confidence to be my true self, to help others and Gaia.

    Much much love to you!

    1. Bless YOU, Carolyn!!! Your message absolutely made my day. I am soooo happy I could inspire you. As a fellow starseed, I understand and sympathize with your struggle to be authentic. We can’t hide anymore, though. That message has come through loudly and clearly from the angelics who assure me that this is our time to shine. So, here’s to you and all other kindred souls who are here to raise our collective vibration! Lots of love to you all. 🙂

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