The Wonder Year

By Steve Clayton

2012 is upon us and definitely has every one wondering what is going to transpire over the next 12 months. Proverbial lines are being drawn in the sand and many of us are finding ourselves more alone or ostracized than we had imagined. 2012 is the perfect year to symbolize life in the third dimension. On one hand, it is the year of Galactic Alignment, the ending of many cycles and the beginning of new ones as all of creation takes a major step forward. On the other hand, 2012 is also the year of personal ascension.

On a side note here, Kim and I both received a similar message in our dreams the other night; that being that everything is Ascension. As long as we are separate from God and in the process of working towards reunification we are in a state of Ascension. Whether one is moving upwards, downwards, or horizontally through the dimensions does not matter; this is all part of the process and whatever direction one is moving in is not better or worse than another for it is all simply movement towards Home.

The upshot of this is that we cannot make a wrong decision even if we totally ignore the coming year with all its implications for major shifts. If a person tells me that want to stay on this Earth with all its problems then that is their decision not mine. I would simply ask them one question in return: “From where is this decision arising, the head or the heart?” The head (the brain) is an amazing organ – there is no denying that – but the head is also the seat of fear, and fear is not a good basis on which to make any decision, big or small. The heart is the seat of unity, of Love, and one can always trust a decision the Heart makes on its own. That is why I urge people, if they do nothing else over the next few months, to at least learn to enter their heart. Once there they can commune with their higher self and learn what the next step is. It may not be the answer they are expecting or wanting but when examined further they will find it to be the right answer.

A number of things happen when you find your answer. A state of calm knowingness washes over you. Many of the day’s happenings are seen for what they truly are, a diversion; a diversion from the ego’s fear of the unknown. I’m not suggesting we’ll suddenly become geniuses, knowing everything there is to know; rather, we will come to understand that life is exactly what it is meant to be. The heart can help you be proactive and to make your own choices regarding 2012. Your choices will have profound consequences. You may stay in the third dimension to finish your current life experiences, or move onto the fifth or higher dimensions to experience existence in a myriad of ways. Creation is limitless and we are eternal. Our sense of wonder can grow exponentially if we afford ourselves the luxury of making our own decisions, from a place of Love, about the future.

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