The Wonder of Life

By Steve Clayton

Part One – Neuroplasticity

brainAs a species one of our greatest gifts is our ability to adapt to almost any situation no matter how extreme. I read or heard not too long ago of advice given to victims of childhood abuse; advice that stressed forgiveness. The reason being, everyday an abuse victim allows the abuse to define him or her, he or she is perpetuating the abuse. This can be applied to anyone who has suffered at the hands of another and is not limited to the young. Forgiveness allows a person to move on. Sounds simple enough yet at the same time is very difficult to put into practice. How does one exactly move on from such a traumatic event?

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I heard more times than I can remember what a marvellous machine the human body was. Technology was sweeping the world from the Space Program with the ability to look beyond ourselves to the discovery of quirks and quarks and the world that existed deep within us; inside the tiny the atom.  The human brain was compared to a computer, often being referred to as a super computer that ran the entire human machine. The comparisons developed easily as technology was being incorporated into every aspect of our lives and there were countless machines doing the work once done by men and women. Somewhere in our awe of and enchantment with technology we left behind our self respect as well as a respect for the natural world.

It turns out that our brain is not just a supercomputer or machine, but is a living adaptable organism capable of rewiring itself, changing its structure, shape and mode(s) of operation. There is no machine or computer yet invented that can approximate these amazing feats. The reason the brain can do this is due to neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity allows the brain to adjust or adapt to the events life throws at it. New neuro-pathways can not only be created by the brain but they can be created in areas of the brain where they did not exist before. This is an incredible ability that we are only beginning to understand. For the victims of abuse or for accident victims this knowledge offers hope of recovery and a better life.

What this also points to is a reversal of the all too prevalent idea that people are flawed, be it from a religious viewpoint or a technological one. People are not perfect, and I do not know anyone who would argue that they are, but people have tremendous potential. The human brain with its natural adaptability through neuroplasticity allows for unlimited possibilities. One of these possibilities is the idea of humans being the vehicle through which the soul can have a physical experience. Now there are some of you thinking ‘here he goes again,’ but bear with me as this is a neat little segue (if I do say so myself) into the second part of this article.

Part Two – Clearisy

Clearisy, according to Kim’s angels, is defined as the ability to live beyond, or outside of, time and space. Sound like something out of science fiction or something just ‘plain out there’? In a way I guess it does, but this in no way negates the possibility of its existence. Our souls live this way naturally and we can do it as we sleep and dream. The trick is the ability to do this while we are awake and in our physical form. We all know time is relative. When we are bored time drags; when we are excited time flies. Have you ever been in a car accident? Events appear to occur in slow motion. You could be travelling 100 kilometres per hour, and the accident may occur in a matter of seconds, yet the perception of time suggests otherwise. So time is relative and not set in stone as we are taught to believe.

From here we can think of three dimensional space as a ribbon running through eternity. Above this ribbon is a second ribbon, time. Time is necessary for events in physical space to make sense and to acquire meaning. The term for these two ribbons is the space-time continuum and it is prevalent in both science and science fiction. The two are not inexorably connected as one may think or be led to think as one wanders around in physical space. As we blunder along in this day and age one of the biggest complaints we hear is that there is never enough time. It does not matter what the time is needed for there is just never enough. Technology, which was supposed to free us from our mundane time-consuming chores, has merely substituted new time wasters in their place. We still, it appears, do not have enough time. This is merely appearance.

I now ask you to consider Neuroplasticity and clearisy, and to take a new and different look at our concept of time. When we are shown a timeline or graph, the present is often shown as a dot on that line. The dot can be today, a year, a decade or a minute and we see it as a solid point. For convenience sake, let us consider the dot as a minute. The minute is not solid as it is shown. It has a beginning and an end. There is a space or interval in between and this space is malleable. Clearisy is the ability to not only understand this, but to also get inside the individual minute and expand it, thus creating more time. How is this possible you ask? Allow your brain to reconsider what it thinks it knows and to consider the unknown. Our galaxy is a bubble created by our sun through the emission of light and solar winds (radiation). What we do with clearisy is create our own bubble of the present. We climb into the minute and by channelling light and love through our Heart Chakras into the minute we cause it to expand. This expansion forms a  bubble which pushes outward in all directions. By doing so, the bubble gently pushes the ribbon of time away from the ribbon of three dimensional space and the ‘present’ or ‘now’ within the bubble then lies in the realm of eternity and is free of the space time continuum.

Sounds bizarre, I know, but I ask you to try this as a meditation and see what happens. Try it more than once; give it a chance. Keep note of the time you begin the meditation and the time you return. While in the bubble, create – write a song, a poem, a chapter of a book that may take you hours normally – and see how short a time this takes in the bubble. Keep an open mind, think outside the envelope and you may be greatly surprised by the results. (I would greatly appreciate hearing of your experiences).

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. (Insurance receipts provided for in-person healings.) For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

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