The True Spirit of Valentine’s Day

By Kim Hutchinson

heartsThe month of love is upon us, and with it comes mixed blessings. For some, Valentine’s Day signifies a day filled with red roses, chocolates and romance. For others though, the day feels contrived, commercialized and exclusionary. How then do we reconcile the two sides of this holiday?

It is our sincere wish that everyone, whether in a romantic relationship or not, enjoys not just one day, but an entire year of love. Love is the energy of creation; it permeates every fibre of our being. Love is universal in its scope, encompassing everyone without exception. You do not have to earn it, nor is it the exclusive property of couples. Love does not judge or find people unworthy.

The surest way to receive love is to give love. Give freely and without limits, for love will never deplete you; in fact, it is impossible to love too much. Send loving feelings to everyone: friends, family and strangers alike. Envision the world enveloped in a giant, rose-coloured bubble of loving energy. Not only will this loving embrace help heal the environment and all inhabitants of our beautiful world, but it will return to you ten-fold.

Selfless giving always rewards the giver; it is a universal law. When you give love without hesitation and without needing love in return, you will be blessed in countless ways. That is the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. Love, honour and cherish one and all.

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