The Rapture and the Ego

By Kim Hutchinson

heavenWith all the recent hype around Judgement Day and the Rapture, I got to thinking about the origins of the concept of Hell. I’m not going to address here the puzzling question of how an all-loving, all-knowing, omnipresent God could allow someone to burn for eternity in the fiery bowels of a netherworld called Hell, nor am I going to judge those who feel this to be true. Instead, I’m going to send them love, and then I’m going to look at the origins of the concept of Hell, for in most belief systems lies at least a grain of truth.

Ascension is Hell to the Ego

What if the concept of Hell came from something  spiritual and beautiful that was distorted by ego in the bipolar realm known as the Third Dimension? The concept of Hell is only an issue if you fear death, and since your soul is eternal, then the fear of death is solely an ego fear. When you stop experiencing the world in your left brain and move your awareness into your heart, it can feel like a small death to your ego. If you live in your heart long enough, something beautiful happens: you activate your MerKaBa, or spirit lightbody. The MerKaBa is capable of many miraculous things, but is probably best known as an ascension vehicle. Ascension means you halt the birth-death cycle in favour of eternal consciousness, and it gives you the means to leave this realm. That can scare the ego because this is its home. In fact, from the ego’s perspective, ascension IS death. Your heart and soul know the beautiful truth, but your ego is terrified. It’s not surprising then that the ego would perceive the ascension vehicle with suspicion and fear.

Your MerKaBa is on Fire!

When God created this universe, God did so by creating a pattern called the Flower of Life. This sacred geometric form provided the spiritual blueprint for all manner of life. Within this pattern of overlapping circles, lie the Platonic Solids which are the building blocks for life on Earth as found in Archangel Metatron’s Cube. They are: the tetrahedron (fire); the hexahedron or the cube (earth); the octahedron (air); the dodecahedron (ether), and the icosahedron (water). Interestingly, your ascension vehicle, or MerKaBa, is structured on the tetrahedron, or a star tetrahedron to be more exact. The MerKaBa is formed by three overlapping star tetrahedrons, two of which counter-rotate and the center one stays stationary. When the MerKaBa is activates, the spin creates a huge electromagnetic energy field around the human body that is filled with blindingly bright and active light. Since the tetrahedron is also the pattern for fire, your ego may perceive the ascension vehicle and process as something dangerous and painful. In fact, your ego may well think you are on fire, and since your MerKaBa is the vehicle for eternal awareness, then it would appear that you would be burning brightly in a fire for all eternity. One can see the parallels with the concept of Hell.

The Heart Knows Better

If this is correct, then would it not stand to reason that there is no Hell aside from whatever Hell we (inadvertently) create? After all, we are magical manifestors who have simply forgotten our true divinity; and, while we are capable of unconsciously using our beautiful manifestation powers to manifest our deepest, darkest fears, we really shouldn’t worry. This ascension business is old hat to our souls. No matter how many or few lives you’ve experienced on an earthly plane, your soul is eternal, ergo it is amazingly wise. On a spiritual level you know exactly what you’re doing. Trust in your higher self to guide you on your path, and don’t give too much credence to your ego and its many fears. Listen to the part of you that has quiet assuredness. Your heart is the link to your soul and to All That Is. Learn to quiet your mind by seeking the wisdom of your heart and you simply cannot go wrong!

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