The Magic of Manifestation

By Kim Hutchinson

Wishes really do come true!

Manifestation is the magic that results from focused intention. This energy that you are tapping into when you are manifesting is the energy within you. This means picking things that are completely within in your scope of plausibility. Do not try to manifest something in which you yourself have a hard time believing. Manifesting your desires is a process like muscle building. The ability gets stronger the more you do it. Starting with small requests and working your way up to larger more significant manifestations, will help increase your confidence in the process. You need to prove to yourself that you can actually manifest your desires.

Manifestation also requires a great deal of faith because it invokes the magic of creation. You’re going beyond the limitations of your five senses and so you must believe in something bigger than you, something mysterious, something beyond comprehension. Nothing requires more faith than trying to be a creator because you are actually now working in the realm of infinite possibility. In order to manifest your desires you have to believe in your ability to manifest. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that we make when we start manifesting is that we undermine the process. We inadvertently negate our requests by repeatedly asking for the same thing. Ask only once and then make room in your life for that request to manifest. Multiple requests indicates a lack of faith. Hold the space as though it is already part of your life.

Another factor to consider is that you cannot manifest that which does not match your vibrational level. To create abundance, try manifesting with beauty. Think happy thoughts; be grateful for what you already have, and see the beauty that surrounds you here and now. Then will you become a vibrational match for that which you wish to manifest. Don’t plead or bargain with God or the universe for things (i.e. “If I win the lotto, I promise I will donate money to charity.”) Manifest instead from a place of deservingness, otherwise your attempts to justify your desires will translate into a lack of self-worth that will in turn undermine your faith in your manifesting abilities. This bargaining technique ensures you are not a vibrational match for your desires. After all, feelings of inadequacy, powerless or fearfulness are not in alignment with Creation. Also, thinking about what you don’t want while hoping for something better only brings disappointment. To attract and create happiness, you must think positive thoughts. See solutions, not problems. What you think defines who you are, so it is you who makes your own luck. Embrace yourself as someone who is lucky and you will, in the process, become someone who is indeed lucky.

Once you have created your vision, detachment is the next step. Manifest your dreams from a place of desire, not need. Desire flows from spirit, whereas need is born out of ego’s false perception of lack. Detach from the need and attach to your dreams. You are a divine creator! Your detachment allows the universe to fulfill your desires. You have to let go and let God. If you find you aren’t willing to release control, go back to step one and do whatever you need to do in order to boost your faith.

Next, you must live your life in gratitude. Express a desire – do not justify it – and then live as though it has come true because, on the thought plane, it already has. Once you believe it has manifested you will be filled with gratitude. Living in a state of gratitude hastens the process and it amplifies the results. If you do not feel grateful, then you are not a vibrational match for your creation, and it will not know how to find you.

If you follow these guidelines, your desires will surely manifest. It’s spiritual law. But if you still need help, you can call on your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, your Spirit Guides. I also like to enlist the help of the manifestation specialists known as Runner Guides.


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Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Manifestation

  1. Hi Kim,

    This is perhaps the best article on manifesting that I have ever read. Either that, or, is is written directly for me. It contains all the essential factors for manifesting, the trouble spots & how to avoid them. That is an unusual combination. People usually write lots more words on only one aspect; but, you have zoned in on exactly what steps it takes to manifest. You know the pitfalls and you suggest solutions. I like that.

    I especially like your idea of focusing on beauty when you want to attract abundance, to become a vibrational match. Focusing on abundance, when it seems absent, is an exercise in futility; yet it is extremely easy and tempting to do, and if truth be told, it is very difficult not to focus on lack; but, it is really easy to focus on beauty and to be grateful for it.

    I will not ask again for abundance. I see that it has been granted to me in huge supply. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I have been enormously grateful for that and that has rewarded me. I have plenty of time to devote on what interests me, since I am not working. I have a safe place to practice healing. I keep finding the courses, the people and the resources for what I need to learn next. I have finally really learned how to love myself, and I actively do love myself. I have a group of soul friends who are in tune with my beliefs. In the grand scheme of things that is far more important than whether I worry about ends meeting. So, I let go of the ends and let God & the Universe work out how to manifest for me financially. It will happen. It has to. It is spiritual law. You said so. (Just kidding.)

    Aloha and mahalo for this beautiful post that is so meaningful for me. I intend to print it and take it to my healing group this week to share it with them.

    1. WOW! Thank you so much, Christine, for your heartfelt and kind response to this article. I am really happy it spoke to you. The part about manifesting from beauty came from the angels. When they first told me, I thought the idea was elegant and powerful. That’s when the article started to take form. Over the past year I have continued to add to it.

      I hope you continue to manifest beauty in your life. I can’t think of a more beautiful place on Earth to live. Aloha, my friend!

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