The Ego Strikes Back

By Kim Hutchinson

The theme this past month, both at work and in my private life, has been ego issues. In addition to an unexpected and decidedly unpleasant encounter with my shadow side, I’ve been drawn into an assortment of ego dramas with clients, friends and family. The ego, it would seem, is out of control. Or is it?

Why has Ego been rearing its ugly little head a lot lately?

woman-and-mirrorThe ego is in a fight for its life. It knows its demise is drawing near. As we continue our ongoing ascension from polarity to unity consciousness, the ego’s influence and control over us diminishes. The angels tell me that the ascension process is speeding up and is, in fact, ahead of schedule. That means there is more resistance from the outgoing energy of ego. The ego is desperate to retain its death grip on our collective psyche.

What are the dangers of listening to the ego?

Your ego doesn’t want you to be happy. It either puts you on a pedestal and makes you feel superior to others (i.e. outrage, indignation, judgment), or it berates you (i.e. victimization and low self-esteem). It wants to keep you isolated, frightened, angry, confused, frustrated, and feeling like a victim. That is the only way it can control you. The ego is artificially blocking the sunlight of your soul and is keeping you a prisoner in the shadows.

Ego sounds insidious. Is there reason to be concerned?

Not at all. The fact that ego is so desperate, shows that love and light have already triumphed over fear and darkness. If you need proof, just look at world events. Dictators are toppling like dominos. Long-buried secrets are bubbling to the surface. The truth is finally replacing placebos and lies. Organizations that have controlled public action and thought are decaying from within. More and more people are awakening to their divinity. Humanity is beginning to shift its focus from the brain to the heart.

How can we hasten ego’s decline?

If you become aware of its incessant dialogue in your head, and you realize that you aren’t the one thinking these damaging thoughts, then you will know that you are not your ego, nor does ego control you. You are the awareness behind the ego. That awareness is who you really are: eternal, infinite wise and loving…the complete antithesis of ego. So the next time your ego tells you to react, ask yourself if it is in your highest interest. In other words, is being right more important than being happy? Simply being aware of ego is all that is needed to allow your heart and spirit to shine through you instead of your insecurities. The more you can connect with that awareness, the clearer your path will become. People with a clear path (i.e. soul purpose) are positively unstoppable and courageous.

Another technique is to move your consciousness into your heart, and to start thinking with its brain rather than the one in your head. The heart-brain has a distinct advantage over the head-brain because it isn’t divided, meaning it is naturally aligned to unity consciousness. This is a higher vibrational frequency than the polarity consciousness than the brain manifests; as such, it is closer to Source, and to love, and nothing could be farther from ego than love.

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