The Effects of Living in a High Consciousness Field

By Kim Hutchinson

For the past two years, Steve and I have been experimenting with an intriguing technology that creates, and sustains, a high consciousness field. I’m excited to share with you our experience.

Creating a Healing Sanctuary

As energy healers, we have a heightened awareness of the vibration in our home. Our healing room is part of our home, and so we are diligent in clearing the energies both prior to, and following every healing session with a client. We are also mindful of our own energies, and strive to keep ourselves in balance through meditation; regular energy healing; time in nature; crystals and essential oils; healthy diet, and so forth.

That being said, life can get hectic, and can even feel overwhelming at times. During these challenging moments, energy healers – especially empaths like me – require assistance in sustaining a high vibe environment. So, when a colleague sent us information on Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE), a technology that creates, and sustains, a nurturing, high vibrational environment, we were immediately intrigued.

Life-force energy, known in the East as chi or prana, is a subtle energy. It is a similar energy to what runs through meridian body systems, which is recognized by Chinese medicine. It is all around us, all the time. Nikola Tesla and others recognized it as the “ether” and created machines to redirect the energy.

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) technology is built on the same principles and pulls in great amounts of this available energy and specifically focuses it to create the FLFE wave. In turn, the wave can be re-directed to a physical address, cell phone number, personal object and even a business.

FLFE is the result of the research of a team of inventors which was continued, brought to the world by Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann.

Our Experience with FLFE

We noticed immediately an improvement in the energy. It felt smoother, more even. The extreme highs and lows disappeared. In their place, we felt more even-keeled, relaxed and mellow. Our moods began to lift, as well. We laughed more, and felt more optimistic about life. We focused less on global problems and more on spiritual solutions. Our diets improved, as we both started craving vegetables and fruit. We slept better, and my bouts of insomnia stopped. We also started redecorating our home, wanting it to look as beautiful as it felt.

Visitors to our home also noticed the yummy energy. Clients, friends and family all commented on how much they loved the energy of our home. When Steve would host workshops, attendees were always reluctant to leave. Visitors would visibly relax the longer they were in our home. Even the the neighbour cats started flocking to our property!

A Day Without FLFE

Over the course of a year, we experienced terrific results with FLFE; and yet, my left-brain doubt gnawed at me, questioning the necessity of this technology. These improvements felt subtle to me, but Steve was more aware of them. I actually believed that I did not really need FLFE, but I kept the service because it was helping my husband. At the 12 month mark, I asked Steve if he still needed the service. He told me he’d prefer to keep it, but left the choice up to me. I decided to discontinue our subscription.

I had NO idea how powerful FLFE was until it was gone! 

I knew almost immediately that I had made a big mistake. I lasted all of 12 hours without FLFE. My mind and body felt bombarded by raw, intense and untamed energy. I tried to meditate, but I couldn’t concentrate. I had a hard time sleeping. My emotions were all over the map. All attempts to self-heal were unsuccessful. It felt like I had emerged from a cocoon of protection, and all I wanted to do was to climb back inside. And so, much to Steve’s delight, I reactivated our FLFE subscription, vowing to never be without it as long as the world remains so topsy-turvy.

High Consciousness Environment

We discovered first-hand how beneficial a high-consciousness field is in the home. After nearly two years benefiting from FLFE, we continue to notice improvements in our lives. That is why we have no hesitation in recommending FLFE. I tell all my clients about it. Of those who have tried FLFE, a number have subscribed and are very happy with the service. In fact, I have received several delightful emails from clients who are grateful for the recommendation. FLFE has that kind of effect of people, as you can read here.

To learn more about other FLFE benefits, such as transforming cell phone EMFs, watch this video interview by Regina Meredith with inventers Jeff Stegman and Clayten Stedmann.

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Free 30 day trial

It’s easy to try Focused Life-Force Energy for free. (You don’t even need a credit card.) You can direct FLFE at your home for 15 days, and/or try it on your cell phone. See how it feels to be enveloped in a high vibrational field wherever you go. If you’re a business owner, try it in the workplace to see how much productivity and job satisfaction increases. Be sure to make use of the on/off feature of the program which allows you to test how it feels when it’s turned on versus off. And, if at any point you have questions, I think you will find the FLFE Team to be supportive throughout your journey.

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