Thank You!

By Steve Clayton

gratitude-and-loveIt is a beautiful sunny day here in southern New Brunswick. In the spirit of the day I would like to start off by thanking everyone who visited Kim and me at the Wellness Expo over the weekend. The Expo was a huge success. The outpouring of love and support surpassed anything I had ever experienced at any public venue. My gratitude goes far beyond what can be expressed through the written word, but believe me when I say I am extremely grateful. To all those who could not attend the Expo due to prior commitments or to the constraints of geography, yet who sent messages of love and support, I heartily give thanks, gratitude and love in return. You may not have been here in person but your spirit was felt (and appreciated) nonetheless. I also want to take a moment here to thank the beautiful soul who is my wife, Kim, for her love and support on this stage of my journey, for without her support I am not sure if I would have made it. I also am extremely grateful to all those I have met in person, or whose words I have read or listened to, for all their support and encouragement.

The majority of people I had the privilege to speak with over the last couple of days expressed one common sentiment – they had not found their path in life yet. They knew they had a purpose but they had as yet been unable to determine what that purpose was, and were feeling stressed as a result. In fact, quite a few were becoming frenzied in their search for life’s meaning for reasons they could not quite comprehend. I have compassion for their plight for it has taken me forty-five years to find my path and another couple of years to accept it. (I had trouble overcoming stereotypes and my ego’s fear of ridicule and failure. It’s a wonder I am where I am at all!) So I say to all you seekers, take heart and do not become discouraged. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Things happen when they are meant to happen. That may sound trite or hackneyed but it is the truth. Now this does not mean one is to sit back and do nothing; one just has to pay attention to the signs. These clues and hints are presented to us every day if we are open to receiving them. The trick is to subdue your ego and open your heart so that you may become more aware of that which eludes our five senses. It is important not to let the preconceptions of your ego interfere with what is being presented. One’s path may be more grandiose or more humble than one would expect but if the path you discover makes your heart sing, or if it just feels right to you, then accept it with gratitude. This may sound overly simplistic and it is; it is only as complicated as we choose to make it.

The second most common topic I encountered dealt with staying on one’s path. The majority of people who are having a hard time staying the course are teachers, health care workers, and volunteers who are either burnt-out or are in the process of burning out from the inadequacies found in their sectors. Many are extremely overworked and yet feel guilty when they try to do more but find they do not have the energy to do so. You are Lightworkers, angels who have come here to help, but you are also half human. You have to learn to look after yourself as well as you look after others. You must also remember you are not alone. There are Lightworkers everywhere. You are part of a planetary-wide network. Join a lightworkers circle, meditation group, or just get together with like-minded individuals to chat. If you cannot find such groups in your area, put out the idea that you are willing to start a circle or group and then ask for your angels help.

I want to end this by once again thanking all the Lightworkers for coming here with the intention to help. Thank you for believing in love and for seeing the positive potential in others. Your fearless expression of love and your faithful work to aid and serve humanity, often without recognition, humbles me.

Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson are a husband-and-wife healing team who have been caring for people and pets worldwide since 2008. Steve specialises in Vibrational Energy Healing and Kim provides Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. For more information, or to book a healing, please visit

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