Finding Your Truth: Poem by Steve Clayton

Finding Your Truth

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By Steve Clayton The hardest of tasks: To truly know the real you Beneath all the myths What is easier: Walk away from history Or to play the game? You are magical Until your spirit’s broken By the well-meaning They disguise their fear In their made up histories Plastic wrapped spirit Fear fears difference Though […]

Truth, Heart, Love

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Seeking the Truth Feeling uncertain; not sure of the path you’re on? Quietly listen. Your body’s feelings are a communication from your heart and soul and neither will steer you wrong. Trust your inner wisdom. Though you feel alone, the path that your heart follows was laid long ago. Thus, your human half must trust […]

Truth: A Subjective Impression of Being

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By Kim Hutchinson I asked Archangel Michael if something I had witnessed in my mind’s eye was real, and his response was to ask me if I wanted it to be real. As he explained, everything that we believe is real is indeed real. Reality is completely subjective. There is no one reality. We decide […]