Steve’s New Healings with Mother Earth and Photons

Steve is happy to announce two new healing options! These are in addition to his Full-Spectrum Vibrational (In-Person) Healings and his Implant & Entity Distance Healings.

Mother Earth Healing

Gaia, along with her trees, waterfalls, mountains, meadows and lakes, all carry unique energy signatures that, when united with, help to restore your natural balance.

Heal with the various elements and dimensions of Mother Earth. Steve begins by connecting your energy to the heart of Mother Earth’s and allowing your energies to merge. He will then connect you with the various tree family energies; waterways and land areas, and allow them to cleanse and restore your energy to its optimal level.

Available via distance healing.

Photonic Infusion

Source created the Flower of Life (FOL). From this sacred geometry flows Divine Light and Love. That coalesces into multiverses and all spectrum of life.

Experience high vibrational quantum energy healing! Steve begins by intuitively scanning your bio-photonic field. Then, he infuses you with 5D – 9D photonic star energy, while visualizing the Flower of Life pattern. This ensures that all sub-patterns, such as the Platonic solids, are in divine order (i.e. flowing harmoniously; same brightness and energy levels). Healing the building blocks of life truly gets to the root of all dis-ease.

Available in-person and via distance healing.
Insurance receipts provided for in-person healings.

For more details, or to book a session

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