State of Being

By Steve Clayton

Well, October is here already! September was a great month and October is promising to be even better with all the predicted (and unpredicted!) energy shifts. If, however, you are in the process of awakening, you may find the various energy fluctuations unnerving, uncomfortable, off-putting or downright unpleasant. Ride the wave; it gets better.

You are entering into a much larger sphere of existence, a unified state or realm whose underlying unity is, simply put, Love. I use the word ‘simply’ on purpose. In our rush for intellectual superiority we have relegated Love to the status of an emotion; unpredictable, uncontrollable, ephemeral and irrational. Poets will tell you it is the greatest and purest of all human emotions. They are not wrong, but they are limiting the scope of Love in believing it is just an emotion.

We are all Human Beings; Human, the body or form, and Being, the soul or formless. The human part of us (ego) relies on, or requires, forms for its existence. These forms can manifest physically or as thoughts, or as emotion, but these are not real. They are constructs of the ego which believes we are all separate from each other. In truth, we are not separate; we are interdependent, interconnected, unified.

loveLove is the consciousness (Being) that binds everything together. We come from Love, we can live in Love if we so choose, and we return to Love when we leave this creation. Love is a state of consciousness, a state of Being, that is eternal; it follows, then, the ‘Being’ part of Human Being is also eternal. We are not only connected to Love; we are Love.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, in this realm we have come to believe we are separate from Love and it is this mistaken thought, or belief, that leads to the fear and unhappiness that dominates our lives. Remembering who we truly are will dispel fear and unhappiness.

When you are frightened, angry, or unhappy:

  • Take a step back, look at the situation from a heart-based perspective.
  • Ask yourself what changes do you need to initiate in order to improve things.
  • Do you need to change your attitude?
  • Would admitting you are wrong help?
  • Would a kind or tender word make a difference?
  • Would simply slowing down and becoming aware of the ‘bigger picture’ help?

Often the solutions we seek are nowhere near as complex as we imagine them to be. They are simply a matter of remembering who we are, of Being who we are.

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