Self-Healing / Self-Expansion

By Steve Clayton

The most important element in being able to heal yourself (or others) is your connection with the Energy from which everything composed. For me that Energy is Love, Love that is conscious and manifesting the world around us through vibrations of Light and Sound; how you view the Energy is up to you. There is no right or wrong there is only your experience. Your purpose for being here is to experience this creation from your unique point of view. By doing so you add, through your interpretations, to all that is known thereby expanding the sum of all knowledge that is available to All, to the One.

Connecting With the Energy

  1. First, become as still, as quiet, as possible. With practice you will be able to bring in the Energy under any circumstances.
  2. With your bare or stocking feet flat on the floor ask the Energy to come to you through Mother Earth and into your feet. At first you may feel varying degrees of heat or coolness or a tingling sensation or you may feel nothing at all as the Energy flows into you; there are no rules for this other than to be open and trusting.
  3. After a minute or two of asking the Energy to come to you visualize and feel the Energy moving up your legs into your body, arms and head. Acclimatize yourself to the Energy as it courses through you, feel its familiarity relaxing your entire being, release yourself to the Energy.
  4. Practice moving the Energy inside your physical body, direct it to specific areas. If you do not feel anything keep practising it will happen for you.

Healing with the Energy

‘Energy Follows Thought’ is the mantra for all energy healing modalities. Once you are familiar with your connection to the Energy start to practice healing yourself. For example, you have a sore left knee, send the Energy in the form golden coloured Light (or whatever colour works for you; comes naturally to you) to your left knee seeing your knee wrapped in a bandage of pure light. Feel the heat of the light soaking into you knee, visualize and feel whatever is negative leaving your knee. See it dissolving, melting or leaving not only your knee but your entire energy field. Feel your knee healing. Repeat as often as you wish. Do not try to force the healing but release into it. You will surprise yourself.


Once you are familiar with the Energy hold your hands on or near people, pets or plants. Release any expectations and pay attention to what you feel both physically through your hands and through your own Energy Field. With practice you will find the Energy that makes up your spouse, friend, dog or cat, tree or plant feels the same in all of us; it is merely manifesting differently in different forms. For me it was as if I had walked through a gateway into a much more expansive realm of being; I realized everything was much more interconnected than I had ever believed possible. The possibilities of creation were and are limitless; life regained its magical properties as I felt truly alive as an adult.

The Next Step

We live here in the Third Dimension but there is much more to us and to creation than we currently remember. We are living at a time when we can take a step out of this creation, this dimension, and into another realm of Being. Some call this the Ascension but truly the name is not important. What matters is that if you are ready and wish to alter your state of being you can do so. If you do not wish to do so, if there is still more of the third dimension you want to experience that is fine. There is not right or wrong in any of this, there is only you experiencing your journey along your path. When you are ready you will remember who you truly are and you will alter your path. Remember, until then, that through you being you, you are adding to the knowledge of all that is as Creation grows through your unique experiences.

Your Choice

You may rekindle your relationship with the universal Energy, Love, to help heal yourself and others thereby helping to ease the stress of Third Dimensional life or you may use this new relationship to propel yourself into a new way of Being, the choice is yours. There is no right or wrong there is only what feels right in your heart to you. Whatever choice you make remember you are unique, you are special, you are Love.

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