Rough on Relationships

couple2013 has been very hard on many relationships. The majority of my clients are stressed out over their failing relationships.  Dec. 21, 2012 was not the end of the world but it may well seem that way to many. For those of us able to make the shift from a head-based to a heart-based reality the transition was difficult enough but for those not here to experience the shift or ascension their road has been much rougher.


Left Behind
Many of my clients feel they are being left behind by their significant other; they are still immersed in the competitive dog-eat-dog world of capitalism. They buy into the notion of lack and allow their related fears to run roughshod over them. They just do not understand the idea of a ‘co-operative’ heart-based society. When their partner or significant other does awaken to this new notion of society the unawakened partner feels stranded and powerless.

Guilt and/or Frustration
For those who have awakened they are often battling with either guilt; they feel guilty for having changed and no longer feeling at home in their relationship. Or they are frustrated that their partner has no desire to change and either mocks or attacks their new beliefs. In either case, the awakened person does not understand why their partner cannot not only see the ‘Light’ at the end of the tunnel but are content to stay in a darkness  the awakened person can no longer abide.

Energetic D-Effects
Not surprisingly in either case the Chakra System is taking a beating and the emotional and physical effects of this can be devastating. The Sacral Chakra, home to the emotions, the Solar Plexus Chakra, seat of the self, are blocked in many of my clients from the aforementioned relationship stresses. Throw in a hurt or confused Heart Chakra along with a stifled Throat Chakra and many of my clients are functioning well below the norm.


Communication is Key
Heart-based communication, that is! Respecting one’s self and each other. Talking without yelling, accusing, judging or fighting will lead to a much happier resolution for both parties. Believing in one’s self enough to honour what feels right in one’s heart is paramount. An honest internal dialogue is very important.

Energy Healing Sessions
An Energy Healing has many benefits. It is drug free and non-invasive. It allows for the gentle release of stress and anxiety. An Energy Session boosts the immune system and revitalizes mind, body and spirit. It clears the mental body allowing one to focus their feelings and emotions so they may better communicate what they are experiencing as they shift on their path. I highly recommend an Energy Session for anyone who is experiencing any of the above problems. You are not alone and you do not have to face this alone.


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