Q&A with Archangel Michael about Ascension

By Kim Hutchinson

Image courtesy of anekoho / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The following answers were provided by Archangel Michael during my most recent channeling session. I hope these alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the topic of ascension. If not, please feel free to send me your questions for the next article.

Question: When will we ascend?

Archangel Michael: Ascension is on-going so the truth is you are ascending right now. The better question would be, “When will we fully arrive at our next destination?” That time is drawing near. There will come a point at which the process is complete; but, the time frame is not the same for every person. If you wish to stay and do something else here, then you can. There will be times of accelerated or high energies during which waves of people will complete the ascension process en masse. Eventually, though, everyone will arrive in the fifth (or higher) dimension.

Question: Who will ascend?
Archangel Michael: Everyone! If you are here, you are ascending.

Question: What do we need to do to ascend?
Archangel Michael: The key to ascension is frequency. As the vibratory rate of your energy field increases, you move upwards through the dimensions. Both personal and planetary ascension is a gradual process. You and Mother Earth have been doing it for years. That means your vibration has been steadily accelerating in preparation.

Question: The Earth is ascending too?
Archangel Michael: Yes. She is undergoing a planetary ascension. This type of ascension is one which you have not experienced before. That is partly why there are so many souls on your planet right now. They came to experience something new. They are also here to assist with Earth’s ascension.

Question: Does that mean we’re all going to die?
Archangel Michael: No. Dying is only one form of ascension. The type of ascension that you’re experiencing now is outside of your human field of experience. That’s why so many people equate it with dying. In this type of ascension, you take your physical body with you. The physical body and the soul fuse together into a crystalline lightbody. You do this by raising your vibration.

Question: What happens to loved ones who died?
Archangel Michael: When a person ‘dies’, they typically return to their home on the fifth dimensional plane. Loved ones who have already crossed over have the option of staying in the fifth dimension. If they would prefer to return to the third dimension, then they can do that too, only they will not be returning to the same world. Mother Earth is not going to be the same Earth that is here right now. There is a different consciousness that will be moving in. There will be a different planet. It may not even be called Earth, but it will be Earth-like. Anyone wishing to continue their 3-D experiences can go to that world or another third dimensional world.

Question: So when we ascend, will we disappear from this world?
Archangel Michael: As you raise your vibration there will come a point that you no longer are obvious to people in third (and forth) dimensional timelines. You will be able to see them, but they will not be aware of you; at least not in a five-sensory fashion. You will, however, be able to interact fully with your loved ones in the fifth dimension. That includes family and friends you left behind to incarnate on third dimensional Earth, along with people you lost in this lifetime through the ‘death’ process.

Question: How do I know if I’ve done enough to prepare for my personal ascension?
Archangel Michael: Your interest in the topic indicates that you believe in a wider reality than the one you were raised with; therefore, you are ready to ascend.

Question: How can we (holistic practitioners) best focus and collaborate our resources and energies to help bring about the Ascension 2012 for our part of the plan?
Archangel Michael: Keeping your vibration high is the most important thing you can do. You are here to anchor the higher vibrational light. That light contains the Truth that will eventually awaken all the sleepers.

Question: Could you tell us about our ascent into the fifth dimension?
Archangel Michael: It’s VERY exciting. The fifth dimension is what you left in order to come here. You’re simply going back home. It’s not something that’s going to feel shocking or unfamiliar. Coming to Earth was traumatic; going back is a homecoming. It’s going to be joyful. It’s going to be a party…an epic party. Whenever you arrive, that’s when your party will begin.


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