Pet Protection

by Kim Hutchinson

cat-and-dogIf you’re like us, then you feel guilty, and perhaps even a tad concerned, leaving your animal companion at home. The reality is that most people have to work outside the house and so they must leave their faithful, loving fur friends home alone.

When you are at work, and your animal companion is home alone, call on Archangels Michael and Ariel to protect him, and Archangel Raphael to heal his loneliness and fear. Michael is the protector angel; Ariel looks after the animal kingdom, and Raphael is the healer.

You can also invoke the help of your pet’s spirit guides. His guides may surprize you. In the case of our dog Tux, he has two guides: A Dalmation (dog) and a unicorn. Ask for guidance and then trust your intuition. Working with an animal’s guides can make a big difference in your friend’s life.

Love and light,

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