Our Animal Companions

By Steve Clayton

The depth within a dog’s eyes
Drives home how little
I understand miracles

Animals are struggling

Wild and domesticated animals are having a tough time of it right now. Many of our four-legged family members decline suddenly and go home almost without warning. Those who choose to stay become anxious, aggressive or timid unexpectedly; reactions to the fear they are feeling.

Schumann Resonance Reaching New Highs

The Schumann Resonance is the resonant frequency of the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. All life on Mother Earth is affected by this vibration. When this resonance shifts rapidly higher, as it has been doing, we all feel the changes even if we do not understand what is happening; animals are no different.


New studies are showing a relationship between a person’s heart rate variability and their personality. There is no reason to doubt the same correlation in animals. Fear, adrenalin increase the heart rate through fight or flight responses; shifting us out of our natural rhythms and personality traits.

Simple Solutions

Do not over-think or complicate your reactions to changes in your four-legged companions. They, too, are reacting to earth changes; they are not responsible for them.

One World

We all share this world. Our ability to live and love in harmony with all of our companions benefits us all.

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