Our 11.11.11 Experiences

By Kim Hutchinson and Steve Clayton

Wee Hours of 11.11.11


At 3:30 a.m. my lower left lip was so sore it woke me up. Within moments it was fine but my left ear now hurt so badly I could not touch it. That was followed by shooting pains in my right arm! Of course I immediately thought ‘heart attack’ but then heard ‘no just ascension symptoms’. For the next ten to fifteen minutes various parts of my body became extremely sore in rapid succession. At the end of it all, my body felt great; lighter than I can express and ‘cleaner’, if you will. Never had a purging quite so intense but well worth it.

Shortly after my ‘purging’ incident early this morning I was back in bed filling myself with Light and Love (which I was motivated to share with Mother Earth) when a vortex appeared above me. I found myself rising towards it and even though it was spinning I must have been in sync with it as I, myself, did not seem to be spinning as I entered into it. As the vortex narrowed I started to turn left when I felt very strongly I should go to the right, so I did. I found myself emerging into another universe/dimension from the one which I left. I felt a great peace yet I could not understand why I was not at my home in the Pleiades System. With that thought I was suddenly back in bed and awake. I told Kim later and she told me if I had continued left I would have gone home to the Pleiades and probably not have wanted to come back. Either way it was an incredible experience and not scary or off-putting in any way.


I have been exhausted for weeks, and last night was no exception. I could barely stay awake last evening. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for days and nights on end. As with most other nights, my dreams were vivid and lucid. Last night, I dreamed I was in a hurricane. The swirling vortex of wind was high and rain was pouring into my basement. I couldn’t find Steve anywhere. Ascension was on my mind, and I was convinced Steve had left without me. There was a group of lightworkers assembled in my living room. When I walked in, they were busy talking and planning, seemingly oblivious to giant red eye that hovered above them in the mirror. It was huge, and it glowed with a surreal light. I pointed it out to them, but none could see it. When I said it was red, they began to panic. I calmly explained that it was more burgundy or maroon than red, and that they had nothing to fear. The eye ‘spoke’ to me and told me it was extraterrestrial, and that it’s mission was to assist us with our ascension. [I had no idea what the eye represented until this morning when I logged onto Facebook and saw several videos about 11.11.11 which featured photographs from space. Many contained eye formations, several of which were red, or burgundy in colour. It’s full meaning may yet be revealed to me.] After looking at the eye, I started to feel weightless. My spirit lightbody filled my physical body with so much light that I began to sense a separation between the two. I felt as though I was floating in water, and as though I was starting to levitate. There came a point when the two sensations parted, and I was aware of being both in and out of my physical body. I stayed in this in-between state until physical pain interrupted the ‘dream’.

11:00 – 11:11 a.m.


The 11:11 energy was incredible! It felt like I was being attuned. The energy moved into my head and I felt a pressure and tightness, and then my head became very heavy. Even my sinuses reacted. The pressure pushed everything outward and I could feel my head expanding. Then the pressure released and it just flowed through me like a white-golden ray of liquid light. I can still feel the energy in my head, only now it feels gentle like a caress. My third eye is very active as is my crown chakra.

Prior to the attunement, I was in the heart of the Earth talking with Mother, and asking her what we could do to help her. She assured me that we had done a wonderful job of clearing the planet of negativity, fear and pain. Still, more needed to be released, but momentum was on our side. As she told me this, a large, dark presence rose behind her. It looked like a black, oily liquid. This ‘monster’ carried with it all the damage that has been done to Mother Earth and to each other in our quest for oil. I called on legions of angels to remove the corruption, fear, greed and suffering  caused by man’s reliance on oil. The oily form rose up out of the Earth and into space. I moved into the upper atmosphere to assist. This is when I turned into a four-pointed star. The felt light streaming out of me in the four directions. I began to twirl, moving faster and faster, until a vortex opened. The centrifugal force pulled the oil slick up into the vortex and fed it into the arms of the awaiting angels. They, in turn, took it back to the light for cleansing.


At 11:11 am I had a fantastic meditation. I felt myself grounded to Mother Earth (which is great at any time) but this morning it was palpable. My own love for Mother Earth was soon eclipsed by her Love for all her children as I felt her Love flowing through me bringing a peace and contentment I had not felt in a long while. As this Love washed over me I felt myself extending upwards until I was connected to the Christ Grid surrounding the Earth. Here the Love was amplified even more as I felt connected to all living thing on the earth as well as to Mother Earth herself. I could see the grid around the earth sparkling and lighting up as more and more people connected. The sense of Oneness was overwhelming; feeling very natural with a sense of peace I cannot truly express. The Love, hope and connection I felt for, and with, all of creation truly makes my heart and soul rejoice.

Your Experiences

We would love to hear from you. What were your 11.11.11 experiences? Please leave your comments. Thank you!

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

6 thoughts on “Our 11.11.11 Experiences

  • Jenn

    It’s so nice to read your posts! My day was a little off today. No one seemed to be in a good mood, I had a nagging pressure headache all day and it’s still not gone, just a general heavy-ness.

    I meditated from 10:45 to 11:20am and it was hard to connect at first. My body temp is high today too, I seem to be soooo hot. I’ve been seeing a lot of signs out of the corner of my right eye which I enjoy, it makes me feel connected when I feel out of sorts 🙂

    This was my day. It can only get better from here 🙂

    Love to all!

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Jenn! The pressure in the head, heaviness and elevated core temperature are consistent with my experiences, so I’m going to go out on limb here and say these are associated with the energy shift. 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better today. My head feels lighter although my temperature is still high.


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