No Holds Barred

By Steve Clayton

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

Expanded consciousnessAt the risk of embarrassing Kim, but I have to share what she said to me at lunch. It began like this: “Yesterday, when I was in the bathtub with Metatron…” (FYI, Kim does some of her best channeling immersed in water.) Not knowing exactly how to reply, I merely quipped, “Must be crowded in that tub”. Secretly, I mused, l if a thousand angels can dance on the head of a pin, I guess one archangel is not going to impact the population density of our bathtub. I also got to thinking how much my life has changed since our move to Riverview. Before my years here in N.B. any serious conversation that included my wife, a bathtub and Archangel Metatron would have sent me seeking the men in white with their giant butterfly nets. Today, however, I realize how much my life has grown, and how much grander it is.

We all possess the same capacity to expand our consciousness beyond our five senses. The key to this expansion is letting go of the maxim ‘seeing is believing’ and the accompanying twin need of requiring rational explanations for everything. The limitations we place upon ourselves are profound for two reasons. The first is that when we limit ourselves we inhibit our growth and our potential; we mortgage a better future for a mediocre now. Secondly, when we place these limitations upon ourselves we are placing them upon all of life. We are so intimately connected to all life everywhere that what we do to ourselves we do to everything else, good or bad. Until we understand that we do not exist in our own independent bubble separated from all life we will continue our destructive search for who we are to no avail.

Do not be afraid; shake off the sleeper hold that prevents you from seeing yourself as you truly are. You will discover a life so miraculous, so full of wonder, so full of love, that you will be amazed you had the ability to forget that life in the first place; another testament to how powerful you are. This greater existence is your birthright; Love is you and you are Love.

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