No Courage in Being Negative

By Steve Clayton

thumb-downNot too long ago I had my first experience of leaving my body and ego behind and connecting with the universe. In the midst of the beauty, freedom and unadulterated love of the experience, words were of no importance to me. I even felt it so crudely stated, ‘words suck’. For someone who likes to write and read this was quite a shock. Yet there it was. To say I felt a tremendous freedom or a great joy or even pure love really does not do the experience justice.

Perhaps the closest I can come to describing the experience is to say I understood the phrase, “the peace that passeth all understanding”. That may sound contradictory but that is what I experienced. As I have tried to explain the experience to my wife or a close friend, I found my words spewing forth to be totally inadequate. They simply did not convey the feelings of the moment.

Now my ego which did not enjoy, to say the least, being left behind, is quick to point out the inadequacy of the words is my fault; not that of the words. Perhaps that is true perhaps it isn’t; doesn’t matter really. I was out of the world of form at the time and words are just another manifestation in the world of form. Perhaps it is unfair to expect them to be up to the task of describing what I had experienced.

Discussing this with Kim, she helped me to realize the difference of being in the realm of the soul from that of being in the realm of ego or form. To the soul, the world of form is fleeting, temporary and unnecessary hence the lack of need for words. Here in the world of form, words are truly important and one should try to make use of them in the best possible way for the best possible ends.

With that in mind I agreed to write a piece for the newsletter and took my deck of Animal Oracle cards in hand. The card of the Lion pops out of the deck that symbolizes courage: ‘the courage to ask for what you want’. My first reaction was that of revulsion. This sounded too egotistical in light of what I had been experiencing and feeling of late.

As I read on I discovered the card was referring to asking for what was truly important to you on a personal level. To ask for a kind word or a hug or for love and understanding when it is needed is what really takes courage. To ask for five bucks and be told no is not the end of the world. To ask for one of the examples given above opens up the possibility of being rejected on a very personal level and that is a very scary proposition. Such an act, the book goes on to explain, takes not an act of fearlessness but rather an act of courage in recognizing the fear and then rising above that fear by acting. One should respond by acting in a positive way rather than a negative way.

There is no courage in being negative. Anyone can be negative; it is a great method of avoidance. The courage needed to ask for what is truly important to one’s soul while living in the world of form is tremendous. But it is just that courage that is needed for the evolution of the human race to proceed in a positive direction. As a person far greater than I once said- “any fool can hurt someone, you want to be a great person, help someone.” Help someone; help everyone by having the courage to act from your soul in everything you do. In doing so one is truly acting in the spirit of the lion.

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