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Multidimensional Guidance

After a much-needed self-healing hiatus, Kim is happy to be back helping people again. She is even more excited to be offering a new approach.

Source told Kim to focus on transformation, rather than healing.

While meditating on how to accomplish this, Kim realized the best approach was to provide a spiritual guidance comprised of an organic blend of intuition, readings, wisdom, teaching and coaching.

Here are Kim’s new offerings:

Angel Wisdom

Angels are loving spiritual guides from the higher dimensions. They love to heal, guide, protect and comfort us.

Angel readings expand our consciousness and help us to see life from a higher perspective. Angels’ loving wisdom blends counseling, coaching and teaching. They empower us to make healthy choices rather than telling us what to do. Kim will call on your Guardian Angels, along with the Archangels, to offer you enlightening guidance.

Crystal Oracles

Crystals hold the memories of Earth’s history, and are richly imbued with Gaian goddess energy.

Tap into ancient wisdom from our crystalline brothers and sisters, and receive loving guidance. Crystal readings are sage, deep and grounded, just like crystals themselves. Crystals respond to the deeper part of your mind, your subconscious. They can offer great insights along with emotional clarity. They are also powerfully healing, and this vibration carries through their messages to you.

Soul Origins

You are an eternal, limitless spark of the Divine who exists in every dimension and parallel universes simultaneously.

Your soul will reveal parts of its infinite existence which are most relevant to you today, such as:
– Soul Age: Earthly incarnations (i.e. Old Soul)
– Soul Wave: Incarnated group (i.e. Blue Rays; First Wave)
– Soul Purpose: i.e. Ascension guide
– Galactic Origins: Other star systems (i.e. Pleiades)
– Dimensional Origins: (i.e. 7D Elemental; 9D Star)

Vibrational Energy Healing

Steve has also expanded his healing services to include the following:

Photonic Infusion

Life begins at Source level as divine Love and Light. It emanates from the sacred geometric pattern, the Flower of Life, and then coalesces on the quantum level as biophotons to create multiverses and all spectrum of life forms.

Steve will scan your energy body on the quantum level to ensure that your biophotonic field is harmonious. He will then infuse you with 9D photonic star energy while visualizaing the Flower of Life pattern, thus ensuring that all sub-patterns, such as the Platonic solids, are in divine order (i.e. flowing harmoniously; same brightness and energy levels). Healing the building blocks of life truly gets to the root of all dis-ease.

He offers this both in-person and via distance healing.

For the in-person healings, he also provides an insurance receipt.

For more information, please visit our healing services page.

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